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Return to Sunnydale

Brad tumbles over his bag of groceries as Xander and Willow hurry to help Buffy, who has nearly collapsed.

The doctor reaches out toward Buffy, but she jumps at his touch and starts tapping her forehead against the wall. The doctor reassures her and says, "Look who's here!" Buffy looks up and sees Joyce and Hank walking into the room. I think that Joyce is wearing the same shirt as that guy from Blue's Clues. Look for the paw-prints, Buffy! Then you can figure this out! Joyce kneels down and says, "Welcome home, sweetie." Hank looms over Joyce's shoulder and looks menacing, although I don't think that's intentional. Commercials.

Johanna calls and says "poor Xander" a few times. "Yeah, whatever," is my response. Johanna feels sorry for Xander because he's sad. She's a soft touch. I think Xander made his own bed. Burying his doubts up until the wedding was bad; abandoning Anya to explain to their friends and his family that he'd just called off the wedding is inexcusable.

Saigon. I'm still only in Saigon. And Buffy's still in the hospital. The doctor says that maybe having Joyce and Hank there is helping her, although Buffy's reaction suggests that it isn't. She looks stricken and covers her ears as they try to talk to her.

Back at the graveyard, Xander and Willow agree that they should get Buffy home. Brad suggests taking her to his place instead, but for some reason they don't think that his recently-exploded crypt would be quite as comfortable as Buffy's own home. They head out while Brad mutters that Buffy likes having ice on the back of her neck.

Apparently, upon getting her home, Buffy's friends abandon her and go out partying, because it's the next day when she explains what's going on. She tells Xander, Willow, and Dawn about her demon encounter, and then describes her universe-shifting experiences. The fact that she went an entire day without mentioning this to anyone tires me. "I was looking for our enemies, and at one of their possible locations I was attacked by a demon." That by itself seems like an important clue which she should share. And then we move on to, "After the demon punctured me with a spikey thing, I had strange visions." Does she think they won't believe her? Because I think she's established herself as rather credible when it comes to strange demonic side-effects. Anyway, Buffy slowly explains that she wasn't a Slayer, she was a mental patient, and hesitantly admits that Joyce and Hank were both there, and still married. Dawn gets sniffly at the thought of Joyce being alive. Xander makes a speech about how the reality is that there are vampires and demons and a single girl has to save the world and her sister is a ball of light and why would Buffy think she's crazy to believe all that, and it goes on way too long considering how very obvious the joke is. Willow takes charge and starts assigning tasks to find out what's going on.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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