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Return to Sunnydale

Suddenly we cut to a hospital ward. Buffy is screaming in a corner while two orderlies work to inject a needle into her arm. One orderly says, "We're gonna have to strap her down." They start pulling her toward a bed, on which hand restraints are visible. The camera pulls back through a window in a door, and we see a hospital hallway full of doctors and the differently sane. Credits.

Buffy has followed me my whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. When we return, Buffy is lying against a car, and the demon is gone. She looks around, dazed.

The next day we're at UCS, and Willow is preparing to ask Tara out on a date. We know this because she's rehearsing her come-on lines. Out loud. In public. And they think Buffy's crazy? Oh, that's later. Willow's smooth patter consists of "Wanna go out some time for coffee? Food? Kisses and gay love?" This just in: Willow's gay. She tries again, this time using "magic-free for insert-number-of-days now." This just in: Willow's addicted to magic. She spots Tara walking nearby and starts to hurry over. Before she can get there, she sees another girl greet Tara and kiss her on the cheek. Willow's face falls as she watches Tara and the young strumpet giggle together. She turns and hurries away. Tara spots Willow's retreating form, and then I realize that Tara's shirt is a crazy ruffled wrapping shirt and not the perfectly sane jacket I'd taken it for at first. I also thought she was wearing a little padlock around her neck, which intrigued me immensely, but I think it's just an ordinary necklace. I'll get over the clothing eventually. Maybe. Tara stares after Willow with that look she has that might mean almost anything.

Doublemeat Palace. Buffy's supervisor calls her, and she turns.

Wham, suddenly we're in the hospital. Buffy looks up as a nurse tells her, "It's time for your drugs." Wouldn't they call it "meds"? If only a friend of mine were available right now, I could have that fact-checked. And no, I don't mean Aaron. I don't know how that rumor got started.

Wham, we're back. The supervisor repeats, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were on drugs." Buffy turns back and dumps out a basket of burned fries.

Summers home. Buffy walks into the dining room, where Willow is "checking to see if Xander emailed." He hasn't. Buffy theorizes that Anya's already found Xander. And killed him. Sorry, that's my own theory. Buffy asks if Willow saw Tara, and Willow grumps about how she saw Tara canoodling with some other girl. Willow admits that she doesn't know what it meant. Buffy reassures her, "Once you fall for Willow, you stay fallen." I hope that's not true, because if so, poor Oz.

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