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Return to Sunnydale

Buffy stands up and faces the demon, then kicks it into next week. There's punching and tossing, and then she punches her fist into its chest. And I do mean into. Yucko. The demon collapses, and Buffy stands above it with her hand covered in ectoplasm. She turns and looks at her friends, who are staring at her. "I'm so sorry," she whispers. Xander quickly insists, "We're okay; it's all okay." Willow tells Buffy to sit down, and Buffy says, "No, I can't. Not until I have the antidote." She can't even sit? That sucks. Willow says they'll make more without asking what happened to the last batch, but I guess she's understandably a little bewildered. "Everything will be okay, Buffy," Willow says.

Oh, there's the doctor, shining a penlight into Buffy's eyes. Buffy is still in the corner, her head leaning against the wall, staring unblinking at nothing. The doctor turns and declares, "Nobody puts Buffy in the corner!" and then there's a big dance number. Whoops, sorry. He says, "There's no reaction at all. I'm afraid we lost her." Joyce bursts into tears, and Hank hugs her as the camera pulls back. They should totally sue that doctor. The camera retreats through the window in the door and we fade to black just as the ghost of Rod Serling rushes into the studio asking, "Am I late?" Now, if they really wanted to be funny, the camera could keep going and move outside the hospital, and reveal that there are people flying around with jetpacks and the sky is green and everything's goofy. Although I probably only think that because jetpacks are cool.

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