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Return to Sunnydale

Buffy the Vampire Slayer mostly comes on at night. Mostly. Yes, I am running out of movie quotes, how'd you know? Xander stands up and shouts, "I need my hands!" as he kicks at the demon. That's a funny line. Buffy backs up under the staircase.

Tara enters upstairs. Well, that's convenient. She calls out, "Anybody home?"

Xander kickboxes. The demon grabs Xander by the arm and pulls, which causes several loops of thick rope to snap like thread. Instead of, say, dislocating Xander's shoulder. Xander flies across the room into an old fridge, but luckily he hits it head-first, so he's fine. Buffy, frightened, watches from under the stairs.

Joyce tries to calm Buffy as she hops into a corner of her hospital room. Where'd Hank and the doctor go? Joyce reassures her that it isn't real as Buffy sinks to the floor.

Buffy sinks to the basement floor as Xander cries for help. Tara suddenly descends the basement stairs, calling for Willow. She spots Willow's bindings and calls, "Exemente." Poof, the ropes holding Willow and Dawn vanish. Tara says some more Latin and a set of shelves holding paint cans moves across the room, knocking into the demon. Tara comes further down the stairs, and Buffy reaches through the steps and grabs her foot, tripping her. Eeek! Beware of the Buffy under the stairs. Tara tumbles down the stairs, and Willow and Dawn hurry over to her while the demon keeps clubbing Xander.

In the hospital, Buffy mutters to herself. Joyce sits next to her and says, "I believe in you. You're a survivor, you can do this!" Buffy moans and squeaks.

Buffy watches as Xander attacks the demon from behind before it can get to Dawn. The demon whacks Xander across the room and then goes for Dawn. Willow picks up a handy baseball bat and joins the battle. She gets clobbered for her trouble.

Buffy screams, "Willow!" while Joyce tells her to keep fighting. I really think the doctor should be present here. Even if he didn't intend for his advice to be taken as, "You must have an elaborate fantasy about causing your friends to die horribly," which seems like it would just make his patient more freaked out, he ought to take an interest in what's going on. Buffy sobs as Joyce says, "I know you're afraid. I know the world feels like a hard place sometimes, but you've got people who love you. Your dad and I, we have all the faith in the world in you. We'll always be with you." Buffy quiets down as Joyce says that Buffy just has to find the strength inside her. "Believe in yourself!" she insists. Buffy slowly turns and looks at her mom, then says, "You're right." She smiles, and Joyce looks hopeful. Then Buffy says sorta happily and sadly at the same time, "Goodbye." Okay, that was nicely done. Joyce's face falls. "Was it something I said?" she fails to ask.

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