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Buffy returns upstairs and locks the basement door with an old-fashioned key. Odd. She looks upstairs and calls Dawn, then heads up. Dawn is stuffing things into a bag when Buffy enters her room. Teenage snark, followed by Dawn explaining, "I'm going over to Janice's, where they actually like having me around." Shut up, Dawn. She goes on like that, and Buffy finally insists, "You're going downstairs with the others. It's the only way I can get healthy." Dawn, confused into a brief awareness that there's a world beyond her, says that Buffy looks sick. Buffy inches closer and finally tries to grab Dawn. Dawn dodges and runs away, calling for Willow. She runs into a bathroom and slams the door, because there's no way Buffy could break open a door, and then shouts, "You're hallucinating!" Buffy says she knows that. Dawn argues for a minute, and then Buffy kicks open the door. The room's empty, and the connecting door to the next room is open. Buffy steps back into the hallway and spots Dawn in the bedroom doorway. This just in: Dawn's not so bright. There are windows all over the place; jump out one of them. Unless you think your super-powered sister won't be able to find you in the house you both share. They stare at each other, and Dawn insists, "I need you and love you. Somewhere inside you must know that's real!" Buffy says, "Sure it is. 'Cause what's more real: a sick girl in an institution, or some kind of supergirl, chosen to fight demons and save the world? That's ridiculous." See, that would have been better if she'd said it as if the idea was so ridiculous it amused her, instead of being all zombie-like. Dawn slams another door, so Buffy kicks that one open, too. There's a lot of repetition in this episode. Buffy continues, "A girl who sleeps with a vampire she hates? Yeah, that makes sense." Dawn tries to run, Buffy catches her, there's some screaming and so on. You get the idea.

Buffy throws a bound Dawn down to the basement floor. Dawn snivels, "I'll be good, I promise!" until Buffy puts duct-tape over her mouth. Ah, blessed quiet. Xander's now tied up as well, with his arms looped around another beam. Willow's not tied to anything, though, and she's been down there all this time without even rolling over, much less finding something she could use to cut the ropes? Sheesh. The demon growls.

The doctor tells Buffy, "Don't stress yourself." Joyce tells her to take her time. Hank menaces. The doctor adds that Buffy should "make it as easy on [herself] as possible." They're actually expecting a delusional schizophrenic to just will herself into sanity? How very A Beautiful Mind, I suppose.

Xander starts to wake up again as Buffy undoes the chains holding the demon. Freed, it heads across the room. Instead of attacking Buffy. Commercials.

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