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Return to Sunnydale

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I finally decided it wasn't worth the annoyance, and didn't watch the past couple of episodes. And now here I am again. Although skipping a couple of shows made the previouslys more amazing, because when you've had some time to forget, the appalling clothing on this show really jumps out at you. So, previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow wore an unflattering brown top while insisting that Tara wouldn't hang up on her, Dawn decided everything was all about her, Buffy wore a shirt I'll have nightmares about while dumping Spike, the bridesmaids' dresses were at least intentionally ugly, and Xander didn't wear a vest with his tux, forcing him to call off the wedding.

Buffy walks down a street, looking at a printout of an online list of "new rentals." She approaches the next house on the list.

Inside, Jonathan is dozing instead of noticing Buffy's approach. Apparently the Legion of Dim has hooked hidden cameras up to the vast array of Mac flatscreens nearby, although it sure seems like normal television sets would be cheaper. A long tube which looks ever so slightly like a gun barrel is aimed at Jonathan's head, and out shoots a stream of water. Warren's got a super-duper Super Soaker. Andrew laughs, and Warren yells at Jonathan for napping on the job. Jonathan says he's had trouble sleeping, and claims, "I'm going Jack Torrance in here." He asks why they can't sleep upstairs since they rented the whole house, and Warren rolls his eyes and explains that they can't afford yet another set. Andrew says, "We're on the lam -- we have to lay low. Underground." Jonathan points out that "underground" doesn't need to be taken literally, and I chime in to note that "on the lam" means that you're running, not staying put. Jonathan is forced to non sequitur in order to work in the obligatory geek reference, and asks Andrew, "Did you even read Legion of Doom?" The whole point of this episode is to make pedantry moot, which I resent, but that won't stop me from mentioning that I don't think there is a Legion of Doom comic. And more to the point, do they read The Invisibles -- actually, that might be too on the nose. Don't mind me, I'm making my own jokes. Andrew finally notices Buffy on the monitors, and Warren tells Andrew to "deploy [his] little friend." For a moment I'm very, very afraid, but then Andrew happily picks up his didgeridoo and starts playing it. Seriously.

Buffy's still poking around outside the house. Something crashes to the ground behind her, and she turns to see a demon that appears to have escaped from The Outer Limits. The original 1960s version. It's a guy wearing a shiny plastic mask with unblinking bugged-out eyes, and he's wearing a cape made out of a garbage bag. The Loan Shark was more convincing. Buffy quips, and with that the fight begins. Thrust, dodge, parry, spin, whir, trashcan-fu, and so on. Eventually the demon causes a little spike to pop out between the fingers of his hand. Wait -- the thing that pops out is a little sharp pointy weapon, not a little evil vampire. You get that, right? Anyway, they fight some more, and eventually the demon grabs Buffy from behind and plunges the spike into her arm.

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