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Living Conditions

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Living Conditions

Oz and Xander slowly regain consciousness on Giles's floor and Xander groans, "Oh, why couldn't Giles have shackles like any self-respecting bachelor?" Willow runs in, saying that Kathy is acting strange, and then notices that Oz and Xander are a little worse for wear. She helps Oz up off the floor and then grabs the phone to warn Kathy. (Speaking of phones, Kathy is at this moment whipping Buffy across the face with the phone cord and screaming that Buffy should have followed her system for logging calls.) Willow gets no answer and hangs up the phone just as Giles bursts in. He declares that the toenails not only keep growing but also regenerate if destroyed. He then notices that Buffy is missing and says they don't have much time. He explains that Kathy has been stealing Buffy's soul and moves Xander away from the table so he can begin performing a ritual. Willow expresses chagrin at not taking Buffy's bitchy rants seriously, and Giles explains that he is going to restore Buffy's soul; Oz and Xander leave to see if they can help Buffy in person.

Back in the dorm room, Kathy throws Buffy onto her desk, and Buffy stomps on Kathy's carefully sharpened pencils. She knocks Kathy into a set of shelves and things crash all over. Outside in the hall, another dorm resident tells Buffy's And Kathy's closed door to keep it down. Kathy throws Buffy at the window and it breaks; Buffy almost falls out, and Kathy snidely tells her that the window is now open they way she wanted. Giles continues his spell. Kathy attempts force Buffy's mouth open so she can finish stealing her soul but Giles finishes his ritual before she gets the chance, and Buffy's soul streams out of Kathy's mouth and back into Buffy's. No sooner does Kathy collapse beside Buffy, confused as to what happened, when Taparrich appears from out of a whirlpool on the floor. He addresses Kathy in their demon language as she attempts to hide her face from him. He tells her she's in a lot of trouble and to not "take that tone with me." Kathy protests, "I'm 3000 years old! When are you going to stop treating me like I'm 900?" Xander and Oz burst into the room but stop short when they see Angry Demon Daddy. He growls at them but tells Kathy he's taking her home. He waves his arm and opens a whirlpool on the floor; Kathy is sucked into it, and he follows. Buffy, Oz, and Xander stare at each other in shock and relief. Well, at least now we have proof that people who iron their jeans are evil, soulless creatures. ["Duh." -- Sep]

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