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Living Conditions

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Living Conditions

Buffy enters Giles's house and calls out a hello, but no one answers. As she advances into the apartment, a net drops onto her, and Xander, Oz, and Giles race out to tie her up. Giles tells her he is trying to prevent her from making a mistake, and Buffy demands that he looks in her bookbag to examine Kathy's demonic toenails. Buffy continues to prattle about Kathy's evil habits of ironing her jeans and playing love songs all the time. She insists Kathy be destroyed and Giles speculates that the orangey demon has somehow possessed Buffy. He leaves to get supplies for a spell that will make the demon reveal itself. Buffy pouts and glares.

Willow knocks loudly on Kathy's dorm room door and enters to suggest to her that she and Buffy avoid each other for awhile. She urges Kathy to get out of the room before Buffy gets back. Kathy is incensed at the suggestion that she leave and tells Willow that she thinks Buffy is insane and should be locked up before she hurts herself. Willow defends Buffy, saying that she's just going through something. Kathy flounces over to her bed and begins to drone on about Buffy's "shifty little eyes." Willow looks terrified by Kathy's creepiness and then jumps when the telephone rings. It's Oz on the other end, letting her know that Buffy is at Giles's. Willow then tells Kathy to stay put in the dorm room and beats a hasty retreat.

Back at Giles's, Oz and Xander watch Buffy, who is bitching them out for not believing her. Xander says the ropes might be too loose and Oz suggests they go and check them. Xander laughs hysterically until he realizes Oz was serious. They gingerly approach Buffy, noting that they should avoid her legs, but Buffy has worked her hands free and clops their heads together. The boys lie on the floor, sweetly unconscious.

Buffy enters her room and stares down Kathy. They approach for a face-off, agreeing that they need to "talk." Buffy kicks a wrinkle into Kathy's throw rug, and Kathy whacks her hard across the face. Buffy stares at her and they begin grappling, digging their fingers into each other's hair. Buffy pulls Kathy's face off, revealing her to be one of the orangey demons with glowey eyes! "I knew it!" exclaims Buffy just before the growling Kathy knocks her to the floor. Meanwhile, out in the woods, the other demons chant around their fire and suddenly dirt blows up from the ground and another hooded demon -- I'm assuming it's Taparrich -- arises from the earth. "Where is she?" he demands. As Buffy and Kathy fight, Buffy exclaims again that she knew Kathy was a demon; Kathy tells her to shut up so she can finish her ritual. At some undisclosed location that I'm assuming is the magic store, Giles is reading about a demon ritual that requires the forced ingestion of blood. Both he and Buffy now realize that her dreams were real. Kathy explains to Buffy that she left her demon dimension to attend college, but other demons were sent after her. Giles reads further that, while demons like Kathy can assume any form, they will always be recognized by others of their kind because they have no soul. Kathy tells Buffy that she's borrowing her soul to avoid detection, and that the demons will take Buffy instead of her. In that case, can anyone explain to me why Kathy volunteered information to Buffy and Giles about having a "dream" similar to Buffy's? ["Maybe because she had Buffy's soul, and therefore responded the way she thought Buffy would have? Just a thought." -- Sars] They fight some more, and Kathy seems to be doing quite well. She knocks Buffy through her closet door and says, "It's share time, Buffy!" She drags Buffy out of the closet; Buffy wraps her blue sweater around Kathy's neck, but Kathy just rips it off and they continue to fight.

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