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Living Conditions

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Living Conditions

Oz (in his corduroy coat with sheepskin collar) walks across campus. He passes a group of three people, including a petite frog-eyed blonde woman dressed in a leather duster. He pauses and turns his head back to look at her; she's also looking at him as she walks away. Wow, Oz is reminding me even more of the Ex, what with his leching at strange women on the street and all. I hope for Willow's sake that the similarities end there. Oz continues walking and doesn't notice masked commandos creeping through the bushes behind him. A short while later, Oz and Buffy are patrolling on campus and Buffy is regaling Oz with a story of her conflicts with Kathy. Buffy mentions that she told Kathy, "Oh yeah? Share this!" and then scrunches up her face, grunts, and makes a few punching motions with her hands. Oz (who I love, have I mentioned that?) says, "So either you hit her or you did your wacky mime routine for her." Buffy has to admit that she actually did neither, but that Kathy deserves it. Oz replies that "nobody deserves mime." Buffy continues to bitch about Kathy but then asks Oz why he elected to accompany her. He gives her a non-answer about avoiding homework, which she seems to accept because she's ready to start ragging on Kathy again. Oz suggests that Buffy's griping might be scaring away any demons in the area and Buffy flips out, railing against Kathy and then smashing a park bench with her foot. Oz quips about her killing the shifty bench and she snaps that something must be done. After she walks away, he agrees with her, but I don't think they are talking about the same subject.

Buffy is in her pajamas, sitting at her desk in her dorm room. She hears a snipping noise and looks over to see Kathy trimming her toenails. Little slices of toenail fly off and slo-mo onto the carpet. Buffy begins tapping her pencil on her book quickly, and special sound effects magnify the sound into booming thunder. The noise irritates Kathy and she jumps up to turn on Cher; Buffy taps the pencil so hard that it splinters and then puts on headphones to mute Cher out. Kathy fetches a hard-boiled egg from the fridge and begins rolling it on her desk; moist crackling noises ensue. Buffy's attention is riveted as Kathy begins peeling the egg. Buffy then jumps up and flounces over to her bed, shutting off the light. As she sleeps she has another dream featuring the orangey demon painting runes on her stomach in blood and sucking vapor from her mouth. Buffy wakes up the next morning, looking quite shaken. She sits up in bed and we hear Kathy whimpering and then starting awake.

Later Kathy is bending Willow's ear in a hallway in Stevenson, recounting Buffy's many sins. Willow suggests that Kathy should talk to Buffy about this stuff, but Kathy says that Buffy is way too touchy and "not quite normal." Willow looks extremely uncomfortable, and behind her we see Buffy heading towards them. Willow and Kathy both notice Buffy, and Kathy quickly leaves. Buffy jumps on Willow, demanding to know why Willow was talking to Kathy; Willow tells her that they just need to deal with their respective sucky roommates, and Buffy says she's been thinking, and she plans to kill Kathy, but it's okay because she's evil. Willow looks astonished; she suggests that Buffy just get a new roommate. Buffy whips a out a Zip-Loc baggie, telling Willow that it contains "evil toenails." Okay, Crazy, but that's not quite the purpose Parker had intended for those bags. When Willow mocks Buffy's zealousness, Buffy claims to have measured the toenails the night before and again this morning and that they grew after being cut. She explains that this is a sure sign that Kathy is a demon. Willow patronizes Buffy, saying she understands now but Buffy should discuss things with Giles before going further. Willow offers to stay in the dorm to watch Kathy while Buffy goes to Giles's house. As soon as Buffy departs, Willow calls Giles to prepare him for Buffy being "not bitchy crazy -- more like homicidal-maniac crazy."

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