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Living Conditions

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Living Conditions

That night a bonfire burns in the woods and one of the demons confirms that "she is the one." The other demon says that he has prepared to summon Taparrich. The demons stare into the flames and begin to chant.

The next day Buffy approaches her room, only to hear Cher's mannish voice at it again. She looks apprehensive but enters the room anyway. Inside, Parker is lounging on Kathy's bed, bullshitting about "VH1 Divas." Buffy is surprised to see him, and he jumps up to say hi and hands her a box of baggies to get food from the dining hall. Buffy is about to thank him when Kathy interrupts that she and Parker were having a great time talking. Buffy is clearly jealous, and Parker explains that he and Kathy got caught up talking about hockey. He teases her about liking the violence and sweaty men as Buffy looks disgusted. She snaps at both of them about having to study and then apologizes to Parker and asks to see him again another time; she sees him out and then turns to Kathy. Kathy grouses that Buffy could have been nicer, and Buffy points out that Kathy was being nice enough for the both of them. Kathy claims she wasn't making a move on Parker and slams Buffy's window shut. Buffy puts a padlock on her closet door and bitches about Kathy ruining her sweater as Kathy begins flossing her teeth again. Buffy then opens her window. They argue, and Kathy tells Buffy that she's spoiled and that it's "share time" now. Angrily Buffy goes to the fridge, tells Kathy she'll show her "share time," and drinks straight out of Kathy's milk carton, spilling milk all over herself. Watch out, folks, because Buffy's going over the edge!

Willow (perhaps on her way to a costume party? It seems the only way to explain her '80s trailer-trash outfit of hiddy poncho over a faded, painted jeans skirt) and Oz walk down the dorm hall holding hands. Willow says she's worried about both Kathy and Buffy; she adds that she'd like to be supportive of Buffy but she has to write a paper, so Oz volunteers to keep Buffy company. Willow thanks him and says, "If you need me, I'll be --" and she opens her dorm room door to extreme noise, then finishes, "-- at the library." Oz looks curiously at Willow's dorm room and heads off to find Buffy. Oz trips me out in this scene because he's starting to closely resemble my ex-boyfriend: small stature, rumpled hair, sideburns, thrift store t-shirt, and corduroy coat. Loving Oz so much and having him look so much like the Ex gives me the wiggens.

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