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Living Conditions

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Living Conditions

Back in their room Kathy sits on her bed, trying to get the dirt stains out of the sweater she was wearing the previous night. She looks frustrated with the task and then stares at Buffy's closet door, which has a lock on it that allows you to lock people inside. I find that very odd. She opens Buffy's closet and goes through her sweaters, finally selecting a light-blue embroidered one. Bad roommate! In college I most likely would have ax-murdered anyone I found looking through my closet, not to mention wearing my clothes without permission. Kathy notices Buffy's bag full of stakes and curiously pulls out a loaded crossbow and wooden cross. She then just shakes her head and tosses the stuff back. Why do the clothes in Buffy's closet in no way resemble her actual wardrobe? They all looked like normal outfits.

Later that day Buffy prepares to get in line at the cafeteria but notices that Kathy is standing near the end. Buffy covers her face with her tray and takes cuts in front of a tall dark-haired guy. He inquires who she is trying to avoid and she claims, "Ugly breakup." He tells her to stay in line in front of him and then asks, "Freshman, huh?" They engage in some boring banter about selecting your food in order to get the maximum from your dining card and get more money from your parents. Much to Buffy's shame, she isn't instantly turned off by a guy who suggests bilking your parents out of money and carrying casserole around in a Zip-Loc. Those are warning signs, I'm telling ya. While she's at the register, Buffy notices Willow, Oz, and Xander sitting at a table, and she tells the guy she needs to go sit with her friends. Mr. Casserole introduces himself as Parker Abrams and tells Buffy he'll see her around. Buffy watches him leave and then joins the gang. Xander tells her, "Say hi to non-college guy," and Buffy wonders why he's not on the "non-campus." Xander says he's there to check on his girls, but is also eating off Willow's plate because his parents only feed him "for a price." Willow inquires about Parker and Buffy says it was just a nice encounter. Xander and Oz extol the virtues of the "drive-by" encounter, but Willows says she thinks there was more there. Xander sweetly says, "[Parker] got hit by the Buffinator; now he's powerless." Buffy smiles, pleased, and Xander inquires what else is up. She mentions the demon from the night before and has to shoot down Xander's eager offer of help. Kathy joins the group, giggling, and nudges her way in to sit between Buffy and Xander. Buffy is outraged to see that Kathy is wearing her sweater, but Kathy, demonstrating some screwy logic, says she thought it would be okay since Buffy got her sweater dirty. Buffy exclaims that she was saving Kathy at the time; Kathy says she figured it wasn't a problem since she and Buffy are "almost like sisters now." Buffy looks irritated but says it's okay. Bad move, Buffy -- you have to nip these things in the bud. Even sisters shouldn't get away with shit like that. Kathy simpers and bites into a huge burger, dribbling ketchup on the sweater. Buffy's eyes narrow.

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