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Living Conditions

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Living Conditions

As Buffy continues her walk she hears some twigs snapping. She calls for whoever or whatever to come out and face her and suddenly Kathy bounds into view. She galumphs up to Buffy and says she decided to join her for coffee; Buffy is not at all pleased that Kathy has interrupted her patrolling. As Kathy walks along, rhapsodizing about the fresh air and trees, Buffy hears a growling noise and suddenly shoves Kathy into the bushes. The demon we saw earlier attacks Buffy and they fight as Kathy kneels on the ground looking dazed. The demon runs away and Kathy emerges from the foliage, asking what happened. Buffy tells her that a mugger tried to take her backpack, and Kathy admonishes Buffy for trying to fight the guy off. Kathy then whines that her sweater is ruined and Buffy offers to take her back to the dorm to clean up. After they leave, we see two of the hooded demons lurking in the bushes. They speak some demon lingo that subtitles translate to, "She may be the one." One of the demons tells the other to follow the two girls.

The next day Buffy walks through Giles's courtyard, riffling through his mail, noting that it's all boring. I'd count taking someone's mail out of their mailbox when you haven't been asked as a pretty large invasion of privacy, Buffy -- maybe you should think about that the next time you start bitching about Kathy. Ahem. Giles runs into the courtyard, winded and wearing sweats. When Buffy says, "You run?" he tartly replies, "And jump, and bend, and occasionally frolic." When she questions the presence of Motorbike and Scooter magazine in his mail, he dryly replies, "Congratulations, you've found me out. I'm a mod jogger." Hee. He nicely refrains from yelling at her for nosing about in his mail. She hopes that he's not having a mid-life crisis and mentions that she's still grossed out from the last time he recaptured his youth (she's referring to the third season episode "Band Candy," where Giles shags her mom). Giles quite rightly remonstrates her for this comment and Buffy settles down to discuss business. She explains that she encountered a orangey demon with a cloak, and that Kathy was with her but didn't see anything. When Giles questions why she took her roommate patrolling with her, Buffy snarks, "Well, I invited the whole dorm, but she was the only one who could make it." Giles promises to look into the provenance of the demon and then turns to enter his apartment. Buffy mentions that the courtyard is nice and then asks Giles what he plans to do that day. He starts to explain that a friend has acquired an "original Gutenburg demonography," and then realizes that Buffy has never before asked him about his day's plan. He inquires if she's feeling herself, and she shyly explains that she wants to stay with Giles until Kathy leaves for class. He expresses understanding and then begins to lecture her on trying to live with others. Buffy exclaims that Kathy is really bad; for instance, she measures all her sharpened pencils to make sure they're the same length. Giles suggests Buffy just learn to live with Kathy and Buffy declares she going to try to be a "kinder, gentler" roommate.

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