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That same night, Willow's brushing her hair when there's a knock on her outside door. So is it parentally planned, or simply ironic, that the girl who has a door that leads from her bedroom to the outside is the least likely actually to use it? She sees that it's Angel, and opens the door. He says he wants to talk to her, and she gestures for him to enter. He explains that he needs more than that, so she verbalizes her invitation. He starts in, and she hastily shoves a bra off her bed. Heh. In a muted voice, she explains that she's not supposed to have boys in her room. Considering that she's dressed for bed, he's a vampire, he looks way older than she, and her parents don't even know he's there, I don't think the use of discretion here demands an explanation. Angel smiles and says he'll behave himself. Why is it that Angel interacts naturally with all the Scoobs except Buffy? ["I had a 'sporting deadwood' comment ready to go here, but -- oh, will you look at that." -- Sars] He goes on that he'd like Willow to track someone down on the internet. Willow's enthused, as she's "the 'net girl." I wouldn't have been so psyched about being Sandra Bullock, but then, I detest her, so that could explain it. Willow droops a bit when she hears that the person Angel wants to track is "Billy Fordham," possibly because she, like the rest of us, heard Ford introduced to Angel only as "Ford." On the plus side, Angel is looking pretty tasty, if extremely pale. Willow asks Angel not to bite her, but...Angel: "You gonna tell me that I'm jealous?" Does she have to? You're greener than Kermit The Frog on the Goliath roller coaster. Willow confirms that he does get that way. He muses that he never used to, but that a hundred years of guilt really honed his "brooding skills." Shout-out? He admits that he does get jealous, but that his "gut" tells him Ford is a bad guy. Insert present-day "gut" joke here. Willow accepts that, and immediately discovers that Ford isn't registered at Sunnydale High. She starts to do another search, but hears a female voice calling, one that is decidedly not the voice of Sheila Rosenberg in "Gingerbread." Willow hurries Angel out, and tells him to come by the next day at sunset. Angel asks Willow not to tell Buffy what they're doing. Willow's not happy about the prospect of lying to Buffy, but Angel says they shouldn't worry her until they know more. Willow agrees, saying that it's probably nothing. Angel: "That'd be nice." My eye-roll traces Saturn's orbit. Angel really doesn't want her to find anything. Riiiight.

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