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Buffy begs him to help her stop the impending massacre, but he just regards her silently. She gives up and, coming back down the stairs, tries to appeal to the others again, saying that it's not the "mother ship," but "ugly death come to play." Why does that make me think of Bill and Ted playing Battleship with the Reaper? Anyway, Ford shuts Buffy up by hitting her in the back with a crowbar, knocking her down the stairs. He advances on her and hits her again, but a noise comes from the door. Chantarelle goes up the stairs to meet them. Fitting that the first course at the moron bar is named after a food. The door opens, and Spike enters in game face. Chantarelle looks upset and scared, probably because he looks less "lonely" than "hungry." Or, to quote Xander, "nasty pointy bitey." And I'd point out that since quoting Xander is an act of desperation on my part, it shows just how hard I'm finding making jokes in this part of the recap. Spike rips off Chantarelle's choker, and tells his crew to take them all, but to save the Slayer for him. Until Season Six, if need be. The vamps spread out and start chowing down. Buffy only now gets up off the floor, which I guess explains why no vamp took the time to make sure she was contained. She spins Ford into a wall, knocking him out, and looks around. She spies Dru on the balcony observing the feeding frenzy, and, without hesitation, runs onto a chair and jumps up to the balcony. She climbs over the rail, grabs Dru and holds a stake to her heart, and yells Spike's name. Spike looks up, and tells everyone to stop. They must really fear him, because they obey. Buffy: "Now you let everybody out or your girlfriend fits in an ashtray." Hee. In a development that I can't explain, my DVD is missing two lines from the original airing, where Dru, terrified, calls, "Spoike?" and Spoike assures her that everything will be okay. Anyway, he orders his crew to let the humans go, which they do. After they're out, Buffy slides to the exit with Dru. She gets a really hard look on her face, and I think she was seriously considering staking Dru anyway, but realized she wouldn't get out alive that way. Anyway, she pushes Dru into Spike's arms and runs out, closing the door behind her. Spike attempts to pursue her, but bemusedly asks, "Where's the doorknob?"

Outside, the kids limp off as Angel, Willow, and Xander arrive. Buffy says that they're just in time, but not in a snarky way. She goes on that the vamps will get out eventually, and that they should go and come back when they're gone. Xander: "Come back for what?" Buffy: "For the body."

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