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Ford comes down the stairs of the Sunset Club. He asks Chantarelle if everything's ready, but Drearego snottily cuts in that he took care of it. "I always take care of it." The whiny, annoying friend role? Yes, I can see that. Chantarelle asks if it's happening that night. Ford confirms that, and asks if she's nervous. She says she's ready for the change. I'll just let that one go. She asks if he really thinks they'll "bless" them. Well, they'll baptize you, at least. Ford smiles that he knows they will. Drearego asks if Ford's friends are coming, and describes Angel, Willow, and Xander's visit. Ford is chagrined, and rubs his forehead, but says everything will be fine. Buffy's voice cuts in from the top of the stairway, "No. It's really not." Ford mutters to Drearego that it's drafty, and Drearego sidles away. Buffy mock-sunnily says she couldn't wait until the evening, then more seriously asks what he's up to. Ford says she wouldn't understand, but she says she only needs to know. He says that he's going to be a vampire. She starts to tell him that vamps are kind of picky about who they turn. Do I need to break out my laundry list of vamps who refute that statement? She doesn't finish that silliness, though, as she realizes that Ford meant to offer them her in exchange for being vamped. He says he doesn't feel like talking anymore, but she grabs him by the throat and shoves him against the wall, and repeats her allegation. He admits it. She says he must have known she would figure it out, and he brings everyone onto the same page by laughing that he was counting on it. Sensing something's not going right, she lets him go. Sidebar: From the non-Ford kids' point of view, doesn't offering up Buffy's life conflict with the earlier assertion that vamps aren't interested in hurting anyone? I realize that many of the kids may not have known about that facet of the plan in advance, but they certainly know about it now, and they don't seem at all fazed. Anyway, Ford excitedly says that everything's going just as he pictured it. Buffy asks what's supposed to happen that night, but Ford gloats that it's already happening. On cue, Drearego closes the door. Buffy runs up the stairs and tries to open it, but Ford taunts her that it's "rigged up special," and can now only be opened from the outside. Ford and the other kids look up at her as he tells her that when the sun sets, the vamps will be coming for them. Buffy starts to say what will happen to the kids, but they pipe up that they'll be changed, and it's what they want. Ford: "This is the end, Buffy. No one gets out of here alive."

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