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We'll Always Have Hemery

Night, in a playground. A carousel spins, and swings squeak creepily. The scene is bathed in a dim fluorescent light, and I'm already more scared than I have been since "Hush." A boy of about eight waits by some monkey bars, urging his mother out loud to show up. The camera spins to show Drusilla approaching him from behind. She asks if he's lost, and if he'd like her to walk him home. He declines. She says her mother used to sing her to sleep, and recites the "run and catch" speech for the first time. Unlike some of the other times, it actually has a creepy significance here. In the same singsong, she asks what his mother will sing when they find his body. Not processing that, the boy tells Dru that he's not supposed to talk to people. Dru starts to snarl that she's not a person, but a figure steps between them. Angel tells the boy to run home, and the boy complies. Angel turns to face Dru, who greets him as "my Angel." He impassively greets her by name. She asks him if he remembers the aforementioned song her mother used to sing. He says he does, but he probably should have said so with more feeling, as it might have prevented the refresher course he gets in "What's My Line? Part Two." Angel tells her to take Spike and leave Sunnydale. Dru: "Or you'll hurt me?" He lowers his head in shame, and she gloats that he can't hurt her anymore. Just wait until "Redefinition," lady. He was almost my hero, trying to take you and Darla out in one shot. His failure has given me a permanent dislike for hydrants. Whoa, sorry. Angel continues that if she doesn't leave, things will go badly for "all of us." Dru laments that her "dear boy" has gone away, "to her." Angel "plays" dumb, but Dru clarifies that she means the Slayer. Speaking of whom, we see Buffy walking on a nearby rooftop. Dru continues that his heart "stinks of her" as she rubs his chest. She goes on that Buffy has no idea what's in store, and she sure got that one right. Buffy, coming to the edge of the rooftop, sees Angel and Dru standing very close. Angel says that "it's gotta end." Dru counters that it's only the beginning. She disengages and slowly walks away. After a beat, Angel does the same. The way the shot is framed gives what I'm certain was a purposeful feel of two emissaries having just discussed terms for war. Buffy sees it all and looks stricken. She leaves. Credits.

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