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Luring disco dollies to a life of vice

Warren is at his parent's house, trying to explain his totally inexcusable actions to Katrina over the phone. She's having none of it, though (good girl), and hangs up on him. Warren turns to find Spike right behind him, bearing his box of Buffyabilia. Spike explains that Warren's mother let him in and says, "I'm placing an order." Warren sputters that he's "not making any more girls," but Spike says he is and hands him the box of Buffyabilia. "You're gonna make her real good for me," he smiles.

Buffy enters her house. It's day -- the next day, I would assume, since it was night when Xander was fixing the window, but Buffy is still wearing her pretty red shirt. Big continuity error, or a hint that Buffy spent night of passion Xander's arms while he crooned carpentry-speak to her? She calls for her mother and then sees a large bouquet of flowers next to the front door. The card is from Joyce's date, Brian, and Buffy muses that a few guys are still "getting it right." She calls for her mom again and goes to the bottom of the stairs, and as the camera moves back, we can see that Joyce is splayed out on the couch in the living room. Buffy turns and sees her mother; she asks, "What're you doing?" and the camera pulls in close to show that Joyce's arm is hanging limply and her eyes are wide open. "Mom? Mom? Mommy?" quavers Buffy.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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