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Luring disco dollies to a life of vice

Sometime later, she and Buffy are each sitting in a swing. April's arms are limp next to her sides, and her head seems only held up by the swing's chain. Buffy gently suggests that April have a good cry to make herself feel better, but April smiles and replies, "Crying is blackmail. Good girlfriends don't cry." Ouch. I hate Warren. April then tells Buffy she's sure she was a good girlfriend, and if she can't love Warren, "what am I for? What do I exist for?" I dunno -- maybe to catch the giant anvils currently raining out of the sky all over Sunnydale? Being very nice, Buffy tells April that Warren wasn't fair to her. April then worries that it's getting dark (the day is still very sunny) and that Warren won't be able to find her. Buffy assures her that she'll make sure he can. She reassures April by saying that she's sure Warren will come back, and that Warren has told her how proud he was of April. Dear, sweet, kind Buffy. I love her very much right now for being so kind to this annoying, perky, cute little sexbot. Sniff. I guess I'm just a great big softy at heart. April tells Buffy that every cloud has a silver lining, and then starts spouting so many clichés that I figure Warren stole my Aphorism Generator and installed it in April's hardware. As she tries to tell Buffy that "things are always darkest before --" her batteries finally run down. Buffy sits in the swing and looks sadly at the poor unloved little sexbot.

Later that night, Xander is repairing the window that April tossed Spike through. Buffy looks on as Xander explains some finer points of window carpentry, and they share a little banter about the word "shim" and the fact that Xander has actually acquired some sort of useful skill. They discuss April, who Buffy defends against being called "crazed." "With him gone there was just no reason for her to exist anymore," Buffy muses. She then notes that people are strange: "Look at me obsessing about being with someone." She was obsessing? A few lines at the start of the episode do not make her obsessive. I'm a little curious about this episode -- it basically seems to be teaching Buffy that she doesn't need to define herself by her romantic relationships, but I think she's been doing fine, and it's not like she's been desperately trolling bars for unattached guys since Riley left. In fact, this episode would have made more sense airing right before or right after "Triangle," when she was so distraught about his departure. So, learning a Big Lesson I wasn't aware she needed to learn, Buffy says, "I don't need a guy right now. I need me. I need to get comfortable being alone with Buffy." Again, might I add that I've read great things about the Hitachi Magic Wand? Xander replies that Buffy is a pretty great person to be alone with, and they share an "awww" moment. Buffy then finds Ben's number in her pocket, and as Xander continues to work on the window, she calls Ben. She leaves a message on his machine saying it's not "the best time" for her to be drinking "coffee." She apologizes and hangs up. At BenGlory's pad, Glory listens to the message and gripes, "What the hell?" Jinx explains that Ben asked the Slayer out, and Glory assumes that Ben is conspiring against her. Jinx shrugs, and Glory sulks, "She turned us down?"

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