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Luring disco dollies to a life of vice

Spike, upset from having observed this scene from afar, catches sight of Chirpy Floral. "And who are you?" he booms, coming up to her in the vain hope of making Buffy jealous. She introduces herself as April and says that she's "lookin' for [her] fella." Her "fella," eh? Might I suggest she start her search in freakin' Iowa or something? "Maybe you just found him," replies Spike. "Really? Where?" queries April brightly. Spike leans in close and whispers into her ear. In response she grabs Spike by the lapels and throws him through the window, exclaiming, "That would be wrong. You're not my boyfriend." ["And the Misleading Division of the WB Promo Department steeee-rikes again!" --Sars]

Back at the party scene, Spike picks himself up off the ground and is shocked. You can tell because shocked people often state incredibly obvious things such as, "You threw me through a window." April primly tells Spike that his suggestions were inappropriate because Warren is already her boyfriend. Spike gives his "bleedin' sympathies to Warren" before taking off. April turns and tells the crowd of stunned onlookers that "no one but Warren can touch [her]." Buffy stops April and asks if they can talk but April interrupts her, asking if she knows Warren. Buffy: "Okay. I think you need to take a second and stop looking for your boyfriend." At this, April picks Buffy up and throws her across the room. Buffy sits up, rubbing her shoulder, as April approaches. "If I hurt you just now I am sorry. And I hope that your boyfriend will take good care of you," April Stepfords before taking off.

Somewhere that is else, the gang sits around and discusses the events. Tara is grateful that April "didn't do too much damage." In an effort to pay some sort of attention to character continuity, Xander comments that "double glazed glass ain't cheap." The gang quickly agrees that April is a robot and that they need to track Warren down. Buffy asks Willow to get right on it, but then agrees that this isn't a critical situation -- more of a code pink, really -- and that they can locate Warren tomorrow. Buffy expositions that she's going to go home and relieve Giles who has been watching Dawn during Joyce's date. Huh. Somehow I don't think Giles ever thought that one of the things he would be watching as a Watcher would include the Slayer's kid sister.

Back at the house, Giles moans, "Dear God, Buffy, there's only so much I can take." With a smirk Buffy asks Giles what Dawn subjected him to. "Well. We listened to aggressively cheerful music sung by people chosen for their ability to dance. Then we ate cookie dough and talked about boys." Buffy and I crack up at this, and then Buffy tells Giles about the robot. She says they're going to work on it tomorrow, "Unless you want to stay for a while and then you and I can…" As Joyce comes swirling into the house trilling, "Who wants to hear everything?" "…listen to my mom talk about boys," finishes Buffy. Giles beats a very hasty retreat. Joyce bubbles about her date, scaring Buffy by bluffing that she left her bra in his car. Buffy shrieks, "Mother!" but Joyce assures her she's joking. She'd have to be. There isn't a bra in existence that would fit under that backless dress. You'd think that Buffy would know everything there is to know about not wearing bras. Joyce claims that she's kidding and that she really left her undergarment in the restaurant. Buffy doesn't want to hear this and scurries upstairs with Joyce calling after her, "On the dessert cart!" Huh. I doubt Sunnydale has a restaurant that would have a dessert cart. but whatever. It amused me.

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