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Luring disco dollies to a life of vice

Xander and Anya are in the corner discussing snack foods when Xander is distracted by the presence of Chirpy Floral. Anya recognizes her when the girl calls out, "Warren?" Elsewhere at the party, a guy who looks like he took an unfortunate dip in the Spelling gene pool quickly hustles over to a girl and grabs her, saying, "Gotta go. She's gonna see me." Meanwhile, Chirpy Floral makes the rounds looking for Warren as Xander and Anya are joined by Tara and Willow. They watch her a bit and discuss how there's something strange about her. Tara hopes that she finds Warren and Xander says, "Somehow I don't think a girl who looks like that is going to be lonely for too long." Willow's raging gay yang momentarily takes over as she concurs, "Definitely not." Which earns her an eyebrow raise from Tara. I myself raise my eyebrow when I realize that Willow has decided to wear a green, bulky turtleneck sweater to a luau-themed spring-break party. She looks like she's wearing the flayed pelt of Oscar the Grouch.

Buffy, still waiting for Ben, is approached by Spike, and you see what I mean about creepy people attending parties inappropriate for them. Buffy gives Spike a pissed look and doesn't rise to his verbal baiting. She grits out that she told him to leave town but Spike, taking comfort in the tenets of democracy, tells her that it's a free country and if she wants him "to leave, [she] can put [her] hands on [his] hot tight little body and make [him.]" Yeah. Somehow that doesn't have as much impact what with all the square brackets, but it made me both snicker and sweat a little. Buffy snarls at Spike to get away from her, and after giving her an appraising look, he complies but doesn't go far. In fact, he just goes over to the other side of the party and spends the rest of this scene spying on Buffy. This heralds the return of GIB; he asks if Spike was bothering her, and wonders if he "should offer to get inappropriately violent or something." Buffy shakes her head, and as Spike watches curiously in the background, Ben holds up a slip of paper. It's his phone number, which he was hoping to subtly hand to her but "thought [he] should try and give it to [her] before [she] sees him dance." Oh fine. I will admit that, while I am not usually fond of Ben and never find him attractive, he does have good lines in this episode. ["I think in the future I will only date guys with really good scriptwriters." -- Sep] Buffy looks blankly at the paper, finally taking it while Ben offers to take her for coffee. Buffy demurs, warning him that if they go get coffee, events will transpire in such a way that he will have to leave town, and that wouldn't be too convenient since he's just recently arrived. Ben declares that he "thinks coffee might be worth it," and "would like to get to know coffee better." With a smile, Buffy says that she'll call him.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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