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Luring disco dollies to a life of vice

Tara and, for some reason, Anya are walking together through a park and talking. Tara mentions that while Willow has the geek gene, she herself seems to lack it. Tara says that she goes "online sometimes. But everyone's spelling is really bad. It's depressing." God, tell me about it, Tara. I suggest she try the MBTV Buffy boards, however. Our spelling is only marginally awful. Anya encourages her to get into online trading and says that since she tripled her earnings from Der Zauber Kasten she's considering buying something terribly expensive. Like an antelope. Heh. I don't mind materialistic Anya so much when they make her lust after wacky things. They're interrupted by the girl in the bright floral dress from earlier, who asks if they have run across a guy named Warren. Only she does it about a thousand times cheerier than I'm capable of rendering here, because my idea of cheery is refraining from slapping people if they talk to me before I've had coffee in the morning. Suffice to say that Chirpy Floral girl delivers all of her lines with raised eyebrows and a generally sincere "cute" expression. Tara tells Miss Chirpy that they don't know anyone named Warren; unfazed, the girl moves off to ask a guy sitting on a park bench a few feet behind them.

The camera pans across the aforementioned spring-break party. The large room is decorated with palm trees, tiki crap all over, hanging paper lanterns, and a huuuuuuge shell that holds the special punch. Can I just say that this is the world's largest shout-out to me? I've been obsessed with all things Hawaiian and tiki for years! In the past I've had whole rooms decorated in hula girls and bamboo matting (my place now is too small). Hey, a guy just walked by the camera wearing a large plastic tiki mask on his head. I have that very tiki mask! Hanging over my television, no less. Oh, this is exciting. What, I can't be delusional too? The camera comes to rest on Xander and Buffy dancing together and looking very adorable. Willow, Anya, and Tara stand on the sidelines and watch. Xander and Buffy finish their dance, and Xander goes to join the girls. While I must admit that Xander isn't actually a good dancer, he's certainly a very adorable one. Buffy spies Greasy Intern Ben standing across the room but alas! They are separated by the giant clamshell of punch. Oh well. So sad. But lo! Buffy finds her way around the clamshell and, while Ben is looking away, situates herself against a pillar in his line of vision. Uch. Who let him in here? Even if we didn't know about Ben's nefarious connections, this would make me doubt him. I'm pretty suspicious of someone who is an intern at a hospital and has therefore completed both college AND med school, yet wants to spend his Friday night crashing an on-campus college party. When Ben turns his head, he sees Buffy, and I suddenly wonder if Ben has the same sort of powers that Glory does? If so, he already knew exactly where Buffy was and was just standing around looking doofy to entice her. So Buffy pretends that she didn't see Ben, who pretends that he didn't know Buffy was there, and it's good to see that they're starting their friendship off on a solid foundation of lies and deception. Buffy greets Ben and compliments him on his non-medical clothing. He quips that he's actually wearing "orthopedic pants." Buffy doesn't find that half as a amusing as I do (which is to say that she finds it not amusing at all, and that I am halfway amused) but then remembers her resolve to laugh at jokes that guys make, and therefore does so. In an annoying and obvious fashion. Buffy asks Ben if he wants to dance, and a pained expression crosses his face. He claims that he's not really a good dancer but amends that with a non-enthusiastic, I'm-only-doing-this-to-please-the-purty-girl "Sure. I'd love to." He goes to get rid of his drink, and Buffy is left momentarily alone.

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