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Buffy's not done with the interrogation, though. "How do you know about Slayers?" Well, it's simple. His mother was a Slayer, and his father smelt of elderberries. Buffy is floored because, well, slaying vamps is a tough enough gig already, and adding a tiny, mewling infant that is completely dependent on you to the mix can't improve things. However, at least when the kid won't get to sleep in the middle of the night and is howling his fool head off, you can go out and kill something to work off a bit of stress. Wood doesn't remember much of dear old Mum, though, because she died when he was four. She was killed. By a VAMPIRE! Whoa. Never saw that one coming. Except for the whole expectation I have that most Slayers would die that way. For those who haven't seen the episode, it's very clear at this point that Wood's mother is the Slayer Spike killed on the subway in New York City in the 1970s, but I don't think Buffy makes the connection. If she bothered at all to do the math, I think she would've, but that might take brain power away from her musings on The Importance Of Being Spike. Wood explains that he "went through this whole avenging son phase" a while back, but he never located the vamp who did the deed. I'll be interested to see how they have Wood figure out that Spike is that vamp. I mean, that subway train we saw during "Fool For Love" looked pretty deserted, and it's not likely that details of the murder scene were written up in either The Post or The Watcher's Weekly. Okay. Exposition over. Except for one more little tidbit about Wood not inheriting any Slayer powers. All the secret agenda items having been covered, Buffy and Wood settle in for the date part of their date.

Casa Summers. "So did you find the gun?" asks Tiny Evil Jonathan of Andrew. He did, in Buffy's underwear drawer. Apparently, "she has nice things." Andrew knows because he spent the last two hours trying them all on. Tiny Evil Jonathan wants to see the gun. Andrew opens the paper bag and shows off the gun. Tiny Evil Jonathan recommends trapping all the Junior Misses in the basement to improve spazzy Andrew's chances of hitting as many of them as possible. Andrew not-so-casually asks for an update on why Tiny Evil Jonathan wants all the girls dead, and we get reminded that it's because without them, the Slayer line cannot continue. Thanks for the reminder! Hey, is the First incorporeal? Get out! And did you hear that Buffy used Spike? Andrew is curious as to why Spike isn't being deployed for this maneuver, and Tiny Evil Jonathan claims that it isn't Spike's time. "Say," says Andrew about as nonchalantly as he can muster, meaning not at ALL nonchalantly, "do you have any weaknesses I should know about if I'm going to work for you, like kryptonite or allergies?" Tiny Evil Jonathan pretends to be unsure of what Andrew is getting at, so Andrew asks if it is made up of the evil impulses of humans, so that if everyone were to become simultaneously unconscious, it would simply dissipate. If I at all cared at this point, I might try to find out what comic book that's from. But I don't, so I won't. Andrew rambles on and on, and Tiny Evil Jonathan becomes quite suspicious. "Are you wearing a wire?" Cut to the basement, and Willow grabs off the headphones she's wearing, seemingly in pain. Dawn, who is sitting at the table (they have a table in the basement?) along with Kennedy and Millie, wants to know what's up.

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