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Buffy's doing well with Kakistos, and manages to drive a stake into his heart area. His torso is so thick, however, that the stake doesn't reach his heart. He knocks Buffy away and crows, "I guess you need a bigger stake, Slayer!" He dies laughing. Well, actually, he laughs, and then Faith picks up a large pointed crossbeam and drives it through him, and then he dies. That's what you get for giving a Slayer bright ideas. The girls are out of breath, and Buffy asks Faith is she's hungry. "Starved." They leave, and the audience speculates as to how they're going to satisfy the other part of the equation. Or maybe I just have a filthy mind.

Library. Giles announces to Buffy and Willow that the Council has agreed to let Faith stay in Sunnydale indefinitely. Buffy marvels at how Faith got through her issues, and then turns the spotlight on herself by explaining that Angel's soul was restored when she killed him. I can't really do justice to the cross-current of emotions between the actors in this scene, but they were all phenomenal. Buffy looks relieved to have told them, and hopes that the information will help with the binding spell. She leaves. The Tinkly Piano Of Buffy And Angel's Misery is playing, and I'm right back in "Becoming Part 2." Sniff. Willow sincerely asks to help Giles with the binding spell. Giles: "There is no spell." Oh. My. God. Willow, probably thinking back to how she acted in "Dead Man's Party," looks indescribably sad and gobsmacked, and I know how she feels. I freely admit that I did not see that coming the first time I saw this episode. Marry me, Giles.

Ace: What do you mean, "Marry me, Giles"? You're marrying Mr. Trick!
Couch Baron: That was just a figure of speech. I really mean it with Giles.
Ace: But you have a boyfriend!
Couch Baron: Well, so do you!
Sars: Sorry, kids, but if anyone's marrying Giles around here, it's me. After all, who's the boss around here?
Ace and Couch Baron, to each other: Can you believe her?

Buffy accosts Scott. She explains that there was someone in her past, and that the ring confused her, but she'd like to get to know Scott better, and to go to the film festival. Scott does the gayest hand gesture this side of Smallville as he says he'll think about it. He walks away, then does a runway twirl back to say that he's thought about it and he's in. Buffy says she's free after that night.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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