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Faith, Hope And Trick

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Faith mentions Angel, and Buffy gets in her face. Faith: "What are you getting so strung up for, B?" Buffy: "Why are your lips still moving, F?" BWA HA HA! That's on my short list for best Buffy line ever. They're almost ready to fight, and that's always a treat, but they're rudely set upon by a few vampires. Buffy stakes one, and then the fight begins in earnest. Faith gets punched. "My dead mother hits harder than that!" She knocks him down, grabs him by the collar, and starts beating the crap out of him. Buffy tries to get her attention, but a couple other vamps tackle her. She desperately tries to reach a plank in front of her. A vamp snarls, "For Kakistos we live. For Kakistos you'll die!" Buffy yells, "Faith!" as Faith continues to punch away. Commercials.

Friends. Monica commits statutory rape. Yawn.

Buffy reaches the plank and clocks the vamps, then dusts one as the other ostensibly flees. Faith is still hitting her vamp: "You! Can't! Touch! Me!" Buffy tosses her aside, stakes the vamp, then asks Faith what her major malfunction is. Faith plays dumb. Buffy thinks Faith likes the violence a little too much, which is another comment we could take as eerily prescient. Faith just walks off, and Buffy looks exasperated.

Buffy and Giles in the hall at school, discussing the previous night. Buffy: "Girl's not playing with a full deck, Giles. She has almost no deck. She has a three." Heh. Just wait until later in the season. Giles thinks Buffy's overreacting. Buffy concedes that she's sensitive to Faith horning in on her life, but still thinks she's out of control. Giles says he'll contact Faith's Watcher, then goes into a reverie about the retreat, which he snaps out of at a bored look from Buffy. He asks about the vamps, and Buffy mentions that one of them said something about living for "kissing toast" or "taquitos." Excuse me a minute -- I think I'll order some Mexican food. Okay, I'm back. Giles thinks she means "Kakistos," and rushes into the library. Buffy: "Is that bad?"

Giles explains that "Kakistos" is Greek for "the worst of the worst." Maybe that's how I'll start referring to Marti Noxon. He goes on to say that it's also the name of a vampire so old that his hands and feet are cloven. Buffy surmises that there's a connection between Kakistos and Faith, and rushes off to talk to her. She bumps into Scott. He starts to talk about how he wants to be a part of Buffy's life, and his wrists are twirling more than all the windmills in Holland. He thinks it begins with "conversation." I thought it usually began with way too much beer and the back seat of a car, but I'm old-school. Or maybe that's only for the kids who are actually sexually attracted to each other. He invites her to the Buster Keaton film festival. Buffy smiles. "You know, come to think of it, I don't think I've given a fair chance to -- Buster Keaton. I like what I've seen of him so far. I think it might be time to see a little more." I'm glad she's really talking about Scott, because Buffy being familiar with Buster Keaton seems about as likely as me being familiar with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Scott smiles, and busts (get it?) out one of the all-time worst lines in television history: "Keaton is key." Groan. He then gives her a box, the contents of which he says "represent friendship, and that is something which I would very much like to have with you." G-A-Y. It's not just a dance club in London. Although that is where I met my boyfriend, so it's high on my list. Buffy opens the box to find a claddagh anvil, which she drops in a panic. She goes to pieces, and Scott leaves as Giles walks up. Giles is concerned for her, but Buffy changes the subject and asks if Giles reached Faith's Watcher. Giles: "Her Watcher's dead." Ruh-roh!

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