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Cut to the library, where Giles is explaining about the retreat: "It's a great honor to be invited -- or so I'm told." Wait, he's never been invited? He's English! And how many Watchers can there be? Still, I can overlook these points, because bitter Giles is hilarious. Faith thinks the retreat is too stuffy for Giles. She butters him up: "If I'd known they came that young and cute I would have requested a transfer." Can I get that transfer? Wait, what do you mean Ace and Sars are ahead of me? Oh, the perks of seniority. Giles is flattered, but directs their attention to work, mentioning that a couple of locals have disappeared recently. Buffy is up for patrolling, but after dinner with Joyce. Willow pointedly raises her eyebrows, and Buffy reluctantly takes the cue to invite Faith to dinner. Faith accepts. Willow asks Buffy if she's got another make-up test. The answer is yes, and Buffy starts to ask for help studying, but Willow is too busy being excited at the prospect of hanging out with Faith until Buffy's test is over. See, I like this vibe. Faith was cool, everyone liked her, it was all good. Then she plunged her stake in the wrong guy, and it all went to hell. Wow. That came out so much naughtier than I intended. Everyone but Buffy and Giles leaves. Giles thinks Faith has "zest," but at Buffy's glower, he changes the subject to the binding spell. He asks more questions about the fight, but after a little of this, Buffy's had enough. "Giles, look, I've got make-up tests to pass, missing people in Sunset Ridge, and a 'zesty' new Slayer to feed. Next time I kill Angel, I'll video it." Hee. She leaves.

Xander and Willow are showing Faith different spots in the school where they faced evil. Faith is totally into the two of them, and asks them if Buffy's a little uptight, saying she needs to "find the fun" a little bit. Faith goes to the water fountain, and bumps into Scott. They recognize each other from the Bronze, and start to chat. Buffy comes down the stairs with the news that she's passed another test, but the gang's checking out Faith and Scott. Cordy: "Does anyone believe that is her actual hair color?" Pot, have you met kettle? She stalks off. Willow thinks that maybe Faith and Scott would make a good couple. I think that Faith likes her men straight, but what do I know? Buffy babbles that she hadn't said no to Scott for all time, and rambles on until she notices Xander's and Willow's pitying gaze. Buffy: "Why am I getting a look?" Willow interrupts: "You really do need to find the fun, B." Buffy stares at her. "...uffy." BWA HA HA! That could easily be my favorite Willow line ever. Buffy grabs Faith away from Scott and heads off.

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