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Willow and Buffy walk into the library. They chat about Giles, and Willow asks Buffy if she's noticed that, when Giles is mad, he makes a "weird cluck-cluck noise with his tongue." Cue Giles to stand up from doing something behind the counter. Hee. Willow tries to play it cool, and Giles just ignores her. Giles starts to bring up Acathla, but Buffy wants to play: "Giles, contain yourself. Yes, I'm back in school, but you know how it embarrasses me when you gush, so let's skip all that and get straight to work." Hee. Giles says it goes without saying how happy he is, but he realizes that "you enjoy making me say it." I love making British people admit their feelings. It's hours of fun. Giles explains that he's working on a binding spell for Acathla, and needs details about the fight. Buffy's casual about it until he mentions Angel's name. Her tone darkens just a bit. She gets through his questions, however, and rushes off to take a make-up test. Willow starts talking about magic, and Giles seems chagrined. Willow asks if he's mad at her, and he says no: "If I were, I would be making a strange clucking sound with my tongue." Ha! Willow smiles abashedly.

The Bronze. Oz and Willow are kissing. Buffy comes back from getting drinks for them. She's very happy because she passed her test. Scott comes up, and Willow in a too-loud, overeager voice asks him what he's doing there. Scott: "You told me if I came after eight I could run into Buffy." Willow looks chastened, and Oz looks amused. Scott explains that he doesn't like to lie. Yawn. He's about as interesting as herbal tea. Scott asks Buffy to dance, but she turns him down. He offers to hang out by the dance floor in case she changes her mind. You know, when I first saw this season, I thought there was something off about Scott. And now I realize, as I mentioned before, that the way he's played seems totally gay. He's almost as fey as my first boyfriend, and if you knew him, you'd know that that's saying a lot. And the fact that Fab Filippo is making a home for himself on Queer as Folk isn't doing anything to change my opinion. Check out his scenes with Randy Harrison -- they've got about a million times more chemistry than he does with SMG.

Anyway, when he leaves, Willow and Oz are all pro-Hope, but Buffy still thinks she's not ready. Cordy and Xander join them. Cordy: "Check out Slut-o-Rama and her Disco Dave. What was the last thing that guy danced to, K.C. and the Sunshine Band?" Okay. First of all, Faith's outfit may be slutty, but it's nothing compared to some of the bare-midriff push-up numbers you've been sporting on Angel lately, so just back off, Cordy. But she's got a point about the guy; he's the worst dancer this side of Elaine Benes. It looks like someone set a stun gun to "L.A.P.D." and stuck it where the Sunshine Band don't shine, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. As Faith and Disco Boy leave, Buffy figures it out: "I don't think that guy thrives on sunshine." I like the consistent theme of identifying vampires by their outdated ensembles, as also seen in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "Who Are You." Buffy goes to leave, but is stopped by Scott, who thinks she's changed her mind about dancing. And he totally gives away his Canadian roots by pronouncing the word "sorry" the Canadian way. Buffy awkwardly blows him off again.

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