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Okay, I admit it: I'm psyched to recap this episode. Partly because David Greenwalt doesn't suck, but mostly because I love Faith. I love her when she's wild, I love her when she's crazy, I love her when she gets in Buffy's face, and I love her when she steals Buffy's body. So help me, I even love her when Angel helps redeem her. I don't love her when she's killing innocent people, but nobody's perfect, right? You think I have a problem? Who asked you, anyway?

Preview for tonight's episode, then for the episode of Felicity where Ben sleeps in her room. Oh wow, that was the one where her tape to Sally got played in front of the entire party. That had to be one of the most embarrassing moments in television history.

No previouslys this week. The camera pans sideways in front of the steps to Sunnydale High, coming to rest on two pairs of feet, one rocking back and forth. Moving up, we see that the rocker is Willow and the stationary one is Oz. Willow explains that she's "giddy" because, as seniors, they're allowed to go off campus for lunch. She waxes philosophical about it being a "senior moment [heh], one that has to be savored." During this speech, Oz surreptitiously looks back to see Xander and Cordelia approaching. As Willow prattles on, Oz nods slightly to Xander, and they grab Willow under each arm and force her to walk forward. It becomes evident that she was afraid to go through with leaving campus: "What if they change the rule without telling us? What if they're lying in wait -- to arrest me, and throw me in detention, and mar my unblemished record?" Hee. I've said it before: Willow's academic insecurities are endearing. You know, back when she was a character and not a caricature. Thank you, thank you. I be here all ze week.

Willow calms down and basks in the moment. They spy Buffy on the lawn, laying out a picnic. So they're only going fifty feet off campus? Baby steps, I guess. Willow suggests that they shouldn't be too "couply" around Buffy, and I'm amazed at how David Greenwalt has already managed to make Willow sympathetic again after the disaster of "Dead Man's Party." Oz prompts them: "Prepare to uncouple. Uncouple." Aw, that was so cute. I did vomit, but that was a Pavlovian reaction. They successfully detach and go to join Buffy. Cordy wonders when Buffy went "all Martha Stewart," but Buffy explains that she has time on her hands until her meeting with Principal Snyder the next day. Willow excitedly points out "Scott Hope at eleven o'clock." She starts a babble-fest wherein she explains that Scott has been interested in Buffy for a while, and though Buffy wasn't ready then, she might be now, "to make conversation, or to do that thing with your mouth that boys like." Ha! Buffy looks horrified, and Willow spastically explains that she meant "that little half-smile thing," before giving up and looking reproachfully at Oz: "You're supposed to stop me when I do that." Oz: "I like it when you do that." The Gay Men/Straight Women World Coalition just swooned. We get a good look at Scott, played by Fab Filippo, who greets Buffy. He's pretty cute. He's also, in my opinion, completely gay. More on that later. After he leaves, Willow spazzes, "I think that went very well. Don't you think that went very well?" Stop it, Willow! You're making me like you! Cordy chimes in, "He didn't try to slit our throats or anything. It's progress." Heh. I can just picture a deleted scene from "Innocence" where Cordy tells Buffy, "Someday, we'll look back on this and laugh." I crack myself up. Willow: "Did you do that little half-smile thing?" Hee. I'm sorry for all the dialogue, but I really like this scene. And by the way, she totally did the half-smile thing. Buffy's not sure if she's ready for dating, but her friends are definitely keeping Hope alive. Thank you, thank you. See above.

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