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Public Enemy Number One

Overcompensation Estates. Buffy asks where the books are. Angel stands by the fire, saying, "Actually, there's a slight change in plan, Buff." Buffy picks up on the unusual moniker and asks what's wrong with Angel. This is just like that time on Beverly Hills, 90210 when David knew that Donna was being held at knifepoint by a potential rapist because she called him "Davey" instead of David. Only a billion, trillion kajillion times better and not at all hokey. Angel turns towards her in game face and reveals that he isn't Angel at all but ANGELUS. Da da dum! Buffy does a very credible job of seeming scared and surprised. She backs away, and with real worry in her voice tells Faith that it's time for them to hit the road. She turns to find a smiling, two-faced, turncoat Faith blocking the exit. Angelus knocks Buffy unconscious with a punch. I flinch, because I'm an over-empathetic weenie.

Hall of Records, presumably. Oz has found something in one of the many photo albums that has been left lying around, and shows Willow a very old picture of the Mayor. Willow: "Whoa. Like father like son." Oz: "How about like exact same guy like exact same guy." Wesley instantly concludes that the Mayor isn't human. Like thanks for the newsflash, you prissy little fop. Enter Xander to recount his adventures with Faith and Angel and basically say, "I told you so." He informs the gang that Angel's soul-o-meter is hovering on empty these days, and sticks the blame squarely on Wesley because of Faith's involvement.

Buffy comes to in the Overcompensation Estates, chained to the wall. She tries to talk some sense into Faith. God, I really need to take a break. This entire episode is comprised entirely of Angel and Faith blab blibbedy blabbing. I don't think I should be required to pay attention to any characters that aren't still on the show and whom, frankly, I never cared for very much. Okay. So Faith talks about her unhappy childhood and makes out with Angel in front of Buffy before revealing her "toys" -- instruments of torture. She caresses Buffy's face with one of her toys and gets all in her face: "Before we get started, I just want you to know: if you're a screamer? Feel free." Buffy wants to know why Faith turned to the dark side. It boils down to the fact that Faith feels really unappreciated because she's just been so good and put upon, but nobody ever recognizes that because in Sunnydale it's all Buffy, all the time. In short, Faith is delusional. Faith gets more and more worked up by her tirade, revealing that she's jealous of everything -- that Buffy has a mom, a Watcher, friends. She winds up with, "You think you're better than me? Do you? Say it! You think you're better than me!?" Buffy quietly points out that she is better than Faith, because she didn't have to resort to magic to get Angel's attention and the only way for Faith to best her was to first tie her up. This is too much for Faith, and she backhands Buffy before stabbing the wall behind her. Faith gets loose-lipped and reveals all of the Mayor's plans for the Ascension, warning, "All your little lame-ass friends are going to be kibbles 'n' bits. Think about that when your boyfriend's cuttin' into you." Cree. Pee. Faith is severely fucked up. No two ways to look at it. Buffy mournfully says that she wasn't aware of Faith's rage. "What can I say? I'm the world's best actor," smirks Faith. "Second best," deadpans Angel from behind her. Faith spins in slow motion (so the realization has time to catch up. It's only a 45-minute show, people. We can't wait around all day for Faith to get it) to look at Angel. Buffy divulges that she's been in on it the whole time, revealing her free hands to Faith with, "Psych!" At this point, the Scooby brigade enters. Under the assumption that Angel has turned, they try to deal with him while Buffy and Faith tussle until they each have a knife at the other's throat. Faith tries to play it off as though being like her is some enviable state with her "kill me, become me" bullshit, and then she runs out, but not before dropping a big slurpy smooch on Buffy's forehead. Willow runs over to Buffy to ask if she's okay, and she doesn't answer, just shoots a look at Angel.

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