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Public Enemy Number One

Faith. Angel. Mayor's office. Faith is all wriggling and happy knowing that she's managed to fuck Buffy's life up. Mayor Wilkins mispronounces Angel's name and, well, that's just stupid. It's never a good idea to piss off a vampire. Unless you're invincible, I guess. Blah blah testosterone posturing between Angel and the Mayor. Angel menacingly slides a letter opener off the big kahuna's desk. The Mayor makes banter-y small talk and notices Angel's fixation with the letter opener. Angel deadpans that he was considering stabbing the Mayor through the heart with it, and Wilkins spreads his arms wide, inviting him to do just that. Angel throws it; the Mayor blocks it with his hand, and then pulls the letter opener out of his palm as the wound instantly closes. Angel looks all surprised because he isn't used to CGI special effects. They didn't even have computers back in his day. Now that the male territorial marking is out of the way, the Mayor asks after Angel's "intentions." Angel: "Well, gee, sir, I thought I'd find that Slayer who's giving you so much trouble and torture, maim, and kill her." The Mayor is pleased with this plan, but warns Angelus to take it slow because they don't want another Slayer called right away. Faith and Angel depart after the Mayor takes Angel aside and asks him to have Faith home by eleven. Aw, man! Everyone knows that the good torturing and maiming doesn't even start until after midnight! The Mayor sniffs after them, "She's not a little girl anymore."

Xander walks through the streets of Sunnydale, hatefully mimicking Cordelia's compliments for Wesley, and comes across Angel and Faith striding down the street on their way to do evil. He tries to talk to them but is dropped to the ground by an offhand punch from Angel. Not even breaking stride, Angel mutters to Faith, "That guy just bugs me." Hee! Poor Xander and all, but that's probably one of my favorite scenes in this episode.

Summers's home. Joyce opens the door to Faith and Angel. The hairs on the back of my neck start to rise, because Angel is acting sooooo rico y suave, and I just know that something terrible is going to happen any moment, but then Angel merely compliments Joyce's new highlights, and he and Faith go upstairs to find Buffy. It's kinda sad that Angel has better social skills when he's pretending to be Angelus.

Buffy's room. Apparently, break-and-enter-y clothing is a black long-sleeved shirt with a sparkly Union Jack on it. Oh, yeah. That's good. Wear something that'll be sure to pick up any stray beams of light. Buffy is packing a bag of weapons, but Faith claims that they have the books and they're going to take them to Giles. They start to head out, but Angel relieves Buffy of her bag of tricks with, "Let me get those for you." I don't care how many times I've seen this episode -- that still makes me shiver.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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