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Public Enemy Number One

Overcompensation Estates. You ever notice how Angel likes these grand, overly large spaces like the mansion and the Hyperion hotel? Yeah. I think there's something going on there. Faith stops by for a little visit. She plays it off like she wants to apologize. Angel is clearly uncomfortable, and when Faith steps towards him, he steps away, and Faith passive-aggressives about Angel not trusting her. She turns her back on him and Angel tries to empathize with her: "Look, I want to trust you." Faith turns towards him, something hidden in her hands. "Chump," she hisses, which is pretty much Faith's reaction to anyone who is stupid enough to trust her. She then throws some dark fluid that's probably blood on Angel's wife-beater. Angel looks upset and confused, probably because he's desperately trying to remember if you're supposed to wash blood stains in hot or cold water. The Mysterious Masked Mage from the Mayor's office steps out of the shadows and starts chanting, causing Angel to writhe around on the floor again. AGAIN. Is this the Angel Wriggling Chronicles or what? "Slayer Chronicles," my ass. Okay, so Angel is now ritually relieved of his soul, and I wasn't aware that that was possible, but at least it explains how we get scary Republicans. Angel gets up and whirls around to face Faith, all snarling game-face. The look on Faith's face is one of anticipation and fear. Angel grabs her and kisses her instead of trying to kill her right off, because if he didn't, the Buffy and Angel Angst Machine might run out of steam. Angel pulls away from Faith and backhands her, and then kicks her around again. He's talking all animatedly so we know he's evil. Unfortunately, Angelus likes to pontificate as much as Angel does. However, his speechifying is largely ineffective and not at all threatening, due to the slight lisping caused by the prosthetic vamp teeth. "But you know what botthhers me? You don't theem to be getting the big picthure here, Faitthh. Now, I don't know why you thurned me but I'm justht glad you did." Faith and Angel fight a bit until Faith finally gets Angel on the floor (and who knew Angel's abandoned mansion had such lovely wall-to-wall carpeting?), where she gets him to listen to her plan to hook him up with the Mayor by telling him how he can get revenge on Buffy. Faith and Angel smooch.

Wesley Windbag-Ponce is holding court with the rest of the gang in the library. Buffy seems concerned by Angel and Faith's absence. Giles recommends that Buffy do a little recon at the Mayor's office. He then asks Willow if she's been successful with her attempts at hacking into the Mayor's files, and Cordelia pipes up, "Excuse me, I believe that Wesley is running this meeting." Giles shoots her what I can only imagine to be the British version of a "talk to the hand" look. I catch a background shot of Oz (OZ!), who is looking off into the distance all, "Why the hell am I even on this show anymore? Hey, what's that camera guy eating? Does he have Fritos?" Willow explains that she's gotten nowhere, and Oz mumbles one of his three lines this episode, which is a suggestion to check the Hall of Records. Giles agrees that Wesley should take the group there. Xander opts out like a wise man so that he is spared the simpering twin annoyances that are Wesley and Cordelia. Giles stops Buffy on her way out to wish her a heartfelt "be careful."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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