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Public Enemy Number One

Faith opens the door to Chirpy's room, and she and Buffy enter. Glumly, Buffy asks Faith what she did the night before, and Faith claims to have been patrolling. "No shortage of scum you gotta watch in Sunnydale, right?" asks Faith. "So I've heard," replies Buffy. Oh! Burn! The girls look around the room and spot Chirpy's body on the floor beside the bed. Buffy thinks the killing was "somebody's idea of a party," and Faith protests that perhaps Chirpy put up a fight; she then can't take the scene anymore and wants to leave. However, Buffy seems lost in thought and just stands staring at the corpse. She finally turns to follow Faith out of the room.

"Mint?" offers the Mayor. We don't see who he's addressing, but apparently the mystery guest was very hard to reach. As he asks the mystery guest, "Do you know why I've summoned you?" we see that he's talking to a purplish demon in black robes and a black headdress that leave only his eyes visible. The demon nods, and also nods to indicate that he can do whatever it is the Mayor is requesting. Finally, the robed demon speaks, telling the Mayor that deadly magic will be needed to separate Angel from his soul. The Mayor pops a mint and chews happily.

At school, Buffy and Willow are sitting on one of the couches, studying. Willow is concerned about Buffy's mood and asks if anything is bothering her. Insisting that "it's nothing," Buffy finally admits she's brooding about having seen Faith at Angel's the night before. She feels that the scene was rather "intimate." Willow is shocked but adamant: "No way. I know what you're thinking and no way!" Buffy reluctantly tries to agree, "You're right. Faith would never do that." With a look of disgust, Willow responds, "Faith would totally do that. Faith was built to do that. She's the 'do that' girl!" Obviously, Buffy doesn't find this conversational tangent very comforting. After a little more cattiness, Willow assures Buffy that it is Angel who would "never do that." "You're the only thing in the world to him," she assures Buffy. Ah, young love. Young, celibate, twisted, undead love. Sometimes I just sit back and marvel at how bizarre this show can be. Buffy wants to be convinced, but she frets that "Angel and Faith have a lot in common." Yeah, they both share a love for French poets, brooding, fighting evil and -- um, no, I actually can't think of anything Faith and Angel have in common. Angelus and Faith, maybe. Angel and Faith? Nope. Fully fulfilling her role as best friend, Willow again insists that Angel loves Buffy. "I too know the love of a taciturn man and you have to look at their actions." Buffy grumps, and Willow gets her to admit that she didn't actually speak to Angel about seeing him with Faith. Willow mock-bossily instructs Buffy to go immediately and speak with Angel. Buffy leaves.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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