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Public Enemy Number One

Later, Faith is in the nifty-keen apartment provided for her by the Mayor. She's telling him, "It's not like I wasn't trying, okay?" The Mayor believes her, but is surprised that anyone could turn down his Faith. Guess they forgot Angel actually witnessed Faith doing some non-erotic, non-auto-asphyxiation on Xander; that might turn a guy off of a girl. The Mayor then gives Faith a cheerful little speech about being a "bright, young, energetic girl," which is all very sweet and nice until you remember they're talking about him pimping her out in the name of evil. That's a father figure anyone could do without. "There more than one way to skin a cat," continues the Mayor, "and I happen to know that's factual." Beside me on the sofa, Frances gives a little shudder and anxiously begins cleaning her whiskers. ["The Hobe is historically not a big fan of that line either." -- Sars] Pacing, the Mayor expositions that since they failed at removing Angel's soul through sex, they'll just have to do it "in the most painful way imaginable." If he thinks sex with Faith isn't painful, he obviously hasn't seen her in the sack.

In the library, Wesley and Giles discuss the fact that their research hasn't turned up any results. Giles offers to contact the Council of Watchers, but Wesley insists that he shouldn't: "The Council isn't entirely aware that I'm letting you work for me." Giles glares. "Um, with me," amends Wes. "Well, I wasn't about to burst into glorious song about it myself," Giles says dryly. Buffy glooms into the office, wearing a somewhat attractive knee-length dress, tragically paired with flat-heeled, knee-high riding boots. She flops into a chair next to Wes, who nags her that she and Faith need to locate Chirpy and the Books of Ascension. Buffy mopes that she'll go, and that she can't afford to wait around for Faith to show up. Blee blee, Wes wants her to take Faith along and muses that finding the Chirpy will be extremely difficult. "Found your demon!" calls out Xander, walking into the library. Apparently he "beat it" out of Willy the Snitch. Off of Buffy's and Giles's skeptical looks, he eventually admits he actually bribed Willy. Buffy starts to head out, and of course, Faith chooses that moment to appear. She wants to know where Buffy is going, and takes her arm. Rather pointedly, Buffy squirms away from Faith and says she'll handle the assignment alone. Faith doesn't give up, and Buffy gives in, handing her the address to Chirpy's motel room. Faith's face falls a little, but she recovers quickly and as she leaves she shoots a very calculated glance back at Wes, Xander, and Giles. Always with a firm grasp of the obvious, Xander asks, "Is it me, or did it just get really cold in here?" The Watchers look concerned.

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