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Public Enemy Number One

The Mayor's office. Faith sits in a chair in front of the Mayor's desk as he recaps the story so far. Just in case we didn't all tune in before the credits, and therefore missed the fact that a demon wants to sell some Books of Ascension to the Slayers. Swiftly changing gears, the Mayor tells Faith, "I wish you'd pull your hair back!" He compliments her "nice face," but Faith just seems weirded out by his comment; she hasn't entirely fallen under the spell cast by his perverse fatherly vibe yet. Telling her she worries too much, the Mayor then pours Faith a big glass of milk. Hee. I loved that guy! The Mayor instructs Faith, who isn't drinking her milk, to kill the demon and bring the books to him. "And if Buffy gets to him first?" sulks Faith. Shaking his head, the Mayor admonishes, "Frankly I don't like to think about that. I like good, positive, up thoughts." Chuckling, he vaguely threatens her with replacement if she fails him and then cheerfully chides her, "Drink up. There's nothing uncool about healthy teeth and bones."

In the library, Wesley Windbag-Ponce is again recapping the "demon wants money for books" plot point. Geez, season three was great, and all but parts of this episode read like they were ghost-written by David E. Kelley. None of our gang is sure what the ascension signifies, but Willow does come up with a reference from some obscure text. Giles demands to know where Willow saw the volume, and she has to admit, "In the top of your book cabinet with the stuff you try to keep hidden." Willow that I loved, where did you go? Please come back for season six. Love, Ace. Silly Xander wants to know if the hidden books contain any engravings of "frolicking nymphs," but sadly, Willow says no. Leafing through the text, Giles finds a passage written by a pastor called Desmond Kane. In 1763 he wrote, "Tomorrow is the Ascension. God help us all," and subsequently his entire town was never heard from again. Ascension? Not sounding so good. Giles wants Buffy to meet with the demon (the one who has books he wants to sell, remember? Remember?), but Buffy is concerned about the asking price. And speaking of asking price, Cordelia chooses this moment to enter the library. Hah! Actually, I shouldn't call Cordy a whore, because we have no proof that she's ever taken money for sex, but, well, [whiny voice] Xander started it. To make a painful scene mercifully short: Cordy asks Wes out to dinner. Buffy and Xander smirk; Wes wears a look that screams, "Oops, I crapped my pants!" Recovering, Wes suggests that the Slayers find the demon and have him lend them the books, "free of charge." He's a demon, Wes, not a freakin' library! Don't they teach you anything at Watcher University? Buffy thinks Faith would be good at persuading the demon. I'll agree, if by "persuading," Buffy actually means "letting her fists do the talkin'."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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