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This recap is 100 percent Spike-free. Well, except that I just mentioned him, so let's call it 99 percent Spike-free. Oops! I keep doing that. No more mentioning that guy. This recap is 98 percent that-guy-free.

Pan down across the front of the Sunnydale Cinema, where Le Banquet D'Amelia is showing. A happy cuddly couple exits the theater, followed by Buffy and Angel, who don't look happy or cuddly. They both seem embarrassed and at a loss for words. Apparently, Buffy thought the movie was about food, but it was actually about something naughtier. "Feel like getting some hot chocolate, or some -- cold shower?" inquires Buffy. Angel practically writhes with embarrassment as he confesses, "It's been a long time since I've been to the movies. They've changed." Buffy apologized for getting Angel "worked up like that." Oh, come on, you two! A little Euro-porn isn't gonna make him pop his Angelus. I know they want to be careful about getting too intimate, but I think they could watch a movie and enjoy it without acting like it's going to lead to wild sex in the street right afterwards. Buffy manages to joke, "We can't actually do any of those things. You'd lose your soul. Besides, I don't even own a kimono." Angel admits that Buffy's mere presence is enough to, uh, sexually arouse him. I can't believe I have to even write a sentence like that. When a career counselor asked me in college, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" I never, ever thought to say, "Intimately chronicling the sex life of a television vampire." Funny the little twists life brings you. Angel continues that frustration is not the only feeling he has around Buffy, and I so do not want to explore where that sentiment could leave us. He enjoys just having feelings. Soft music plinks as they kiss. "Check out the lust bunnies!" exclaims the pleather-clad Faith. Buffy stops the kiss with regret, and asks if it's time to go on patrol. Looking a little skeptical, Angel asks if the Council has Faith "back on active duty." "Finally!" responds Faith, but actually there's only one episode between this one and "Consequences." Not one to enjoy sitting around twiddling her thumbs, our Faith. Buffy soppily bids goodnight to Angel.

Cemetery. Faith and Buffy stroll along casually as Faith congratulates Buffy on her "willpower" in her relationship with Angel. She laughs that she couldn't "handle, you know, the way [Buffy's] not handling it." Buffy seems on the verge of telling Faith to butt out when she spots a demon lurking and punches him out. The Slayers hold the demon up against a crypt, and he admits he was looking for them. Apparently, he's in possession of the Books of Ascension and wants to cut a deal. Demon-boy -- I'll call him "Chirpy" -- mentions that the Mayor wants the books too, and Faith looks concerned. He wants $5,000 for the books, and Faith is skeptical enough about the deal to make a move towards killing Chirpy, who courageously takes that opportunity to run away. Buffy says she wants to know more about the books.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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