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As the camera pans along the floor of the demolished library, we hear and see the three demons circled around the Hellmouth. Willow comments on the lack of sacrifice people as Buffy runs over to the demon to kick some ass. One of them drops a clay urn, which Xander grabs. Willow snatches the bones from one of the demons while Spike sits nonchalantly on the steps. Willow and Xander play hot potato with some poor dead child's bones and Buffy takes some hard hits. Xander gets into it with a demon so Willow tosses the bones to Spike, and the demon fighting with Xander suddenly takes off and dives into the Hellmouth, leaving a confused Xander saying, "Okay, I guess I won." There's a minor earthquake which makes Xander realize that the demons themselves are in fact the sacrifice. Meanwhile, one of the demons punches Spike; fed up, Spike raises his arm, steeling himself against the pain he expects, and smashes his fist in the demon's face. Then he immediately bends over and grabs his skull in anticipation of blinding pain, but when he experiences none, realizes that he can hurt demons. Suddenly Spike vamps out and is auditioning for the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament (the screen grabs for it look amazing, by the way), executing some pretty fancy maneuvers. Spike screams, "That's right! I'm back and I'm a bloody animal! Yeah!" as he picks up the demon. Xander and Willow warn him not to throw the demon into the Hellmouth, but Spike is drunk on adrenaline and doesn't heed their cries. Another earthquake shakes the library and Buffy, still busy with the last demon, yells at everyone to get out before the building collapses. A falling beam knocks Spike out and Willow and Xander go to help him. Buffy is struggling with the remaining demon, who has her on the ground. As he raises his fist to punch her, he's suddenly grabbed from behind by Riley. Riley and Buffy both tussle with the demon a bit, and he is knocked away from them. The demon spies the ward of Valios in the dirt, closes his hand around it, and crawls into the Hellmouth. Buffy informs Riley that she's going in, but as she turns towards the Hellmouth, he grabs her arm, attaches a Batman-esque retracting cable to her belt loop, and says, "You're coming back out." Buffy better hope that her jeans weren't made in some Third-World Gap sweatshop, because I don't think that the stitching of 12-cents-an-hour workmanship can really be relied upon to support her weight in a free-fall.

For this next bit we pretty much have to disregard the laws of physics. Buffy dives into the hole as Riley feeds her more line. Shouldn't his hands be getting cut by handling military-grade cable without gloves on? We see a shot of Buffy and the demon free-falling, and then Riley feels a tug on the line and starts reeling it in. The Hellmouth begins to close and suddenly there's a red-jacketed arm reaching over the edge. Riley runs over to Buffy and we see that her other arm has a grip on the last demon. Riley helps them both up; the last demon keels over and dies. Buffy and Riley exchange A Meaningful Look.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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