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Giles sits at his desk paging through a book; he comes across an illustration of the ward of Valios, which he studies intently. "Oh, as usual, dear," he mutters as he goes to a chest under the clock and unearths the talisman from a junk box. Geez, how many relics does Giles have just lying around? This reminds me of an episode of Antiques Roadshow in which a woman brought in some little bauble that had been collecting dust in her kitchen drawer that turned out to be some rare whatnot from the fourteenth century valued at approximately $75,000, and in the most deadpan voice the woman drawled, "I wish we'd found that before we lost the farm." Anyway, Giles grabs his coat, but before he gets out the door he is accosted by three horned demons, some of whom came from the back of the apartment. Might I suggest that Giles invest in an alarm system or put bars on his windows? As the camera changes to a street-side shot we hear sounds of Giles being pummeled inside.

Buffy walks in like she owns the place (I'm starting to think that at the veryleast Giles could lock the door), only to find a bloodied Giles on the couch with Willow, Xander, and Spike sitting nearby. Giles confesses that he's lost the ward of Valios as Willow hands him an ice pack, and he says that the demons are on their way to perform the sacrifice to open the Hellmouth now. He helpfully adds, "The one in the library," in case we might get it mixed up with the Hellmouth in De Smet, South Dakota. At the mention of the Hellmouth, Buffy gets a determined look on her face and says, "It looks like we're going back to high school."

Spike and the Scoobies enter the charred remains of the high school. Buffy warns everyone to be careful; Spike says that he hopes they all " go under." For some reason, Spike has jeans on in this scene, even though he was wearing shorts at Giles's. Buffy wonders why Spike is accompanying them, and Willow explains that they're on suicide watch. Buffy: "Just keep him out of the way. I do not have time for this." Okay, so maybe Riley was spot-on with his diagnosis of self-involved. The gang turns a corner and Xander steps in a gristly bit of the Mayor. Wouldn't they have cleaned all that up or finished demolishing the school by this time? Willow says she thinks the library is close by. Um, Willow? You only graduated a few months ago. I graduated yearsago and I'm sure that I could still find my high school's library even if I was blindfolded and brain-damaged.

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