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At Giles's, Buffy, Giles, and Xander are all gathered around Willow, who is sadly saying that Percy's comments made her feel as if she were back in high school. Xander sweetly -- and quite rightly -- notes that Percy would probably still be in high school himself if it wasn't for Willow's help. Willow then says she realizes that the dead guy is more important, and informs the gang that the corpse was propped up in bed and much of the blood seemed to have been drained out and removed from the scene. Willow is wearing a kinda strange, kinda cute black t-shirt that says "Bunny's Dog Walking Service" in pink writing and has a stylized bunny walking a dog. Hmmm. Willow can't forget the Percy incident and exclaims that she hasn't been a nerd for a long time: "Hello. Dating a guitarist. Or I was." I love Willow and all, but she needs to form her own identity outside of her boyfriends. Buffy prompts her about the symbol, and Willow pulls out a napkin on which she's drawn an eye inside a triangle. Xander notes the similarity to the CBS logo and asks, "Hey, could this be the handiwork of one Mr. Morley Safer?" Giles looks disgusted and walks away as Buffy notes that she seems to recall the symbol from somewhere else. Off-handedly, Giles mentions that "it's the end of the world." Buffy, Willow, and Xander: "Again?!" Buffy gives Giles a big "I told you so" and he snerks, "I'm so very sorry. My contrition completely dwarfs the impending apocalypse," in another badly dubbed moment. Willow whines that they've already done the end of the world. Yes, you have, but this season there's a spinoff that sucking out all the creative talent, so we're all going to have to learn to conserve and recycle. Buffy grabs a cross-bow and says she's going to stop it. Willow's hand-drawn eye symbol on the napkin fades into . . .

The same symbol carved on the side of a mausoleum. Buffy bitches about how much time she spends in cemeteries and calls mausoleums "big, freaky cereal boxes of death." That strikes me as a line whose author couldn't bear to see it cut from the episode, but probably should have. Not because it's not funny, but because it really serves no purpose. Buffy hears noises inside and goes to investigate. Inside, a big ugly demon is removing very small bones from a very small casket and placing the bones in a sack. Buffy announces her presence, and the demon turns towards her and roars. She shoots him with a cross-bow bolt but it has little effect. They fight, and she kicks the demon out through the door of the mausoleum. He's much bigger than she is, and although she gets a few good blows in, the demon appears to be winning the fight, and throughout the fight the demon never lets go of his sack o' bones. He finally gets Buffy in a bear hug around her thighs, heaves her up in the air and throws her down back-first onto a large headstone. This is a totally realistic and painful-looking stunt that makes me gasp each time I see it. Ouch. Buffy falls to the ground panting as the demon runs away.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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