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Xander comes down the stairs to his basement pad, carrying a large pizza box and loudly bitching that the drip is even worse. "Don't turn around," intones Spike in a threatening voice. When Xander demands to know why, Spike just tells him not to look at him. Xander turns slowly, his eyes widen in surprise, the music swells and we see Spike -- clad in a Hawaiian shirt, knee-length shorts, and black socks pulled up to his calves. Xander laughs while Spike complains that he shrank his clothing. He continues to kvetch about his living conditions, while Xander continues to stress that Spike is an unwelcome presence. Spike threatens to tear the place up, and Xander goes off on a great rant: "I hate to break it to you, oh impotent one," he says, "but you're not the 'Big Bad' anymore. You're not even the 'kind of naughty.'" He goes on to say that he always enjoyed seeing Buffy kick Spike's "shiny white bum" and he knows he could do it himself these days, but that Spike just isn't worth it. Xander leaves and Spike stares after him, blinking.

At Porter Hall, EMTs roll out Limbo Guy's body-bagged corpse as Buffy enters the room. Willow is crouched on the stairs and calls Buffy over to her. Buffy indulges in a little joking self-pity, explaining that she wasn't sure where the party was until she saw the ambulances. "Death, carnage -- it's a Buffy party!" she quips. Willow says she's glad that Buffy has come and explains the she was the one who found the dead guy. Buffy makes sure that Willow is okay and then asks if it was a vampire attack. Willow's seems a bit discombobulated and mentions blood and the symbol, and then exclaims, "Percy said I was a nerd!" Buffy seems much more shocked by this news than by the death. Willow suggests that they inform Giles of the murder, and as they leave the dorm Buffy asks in disbelief, "Does Percy even go here?"

A toy basketball misses going through a toy hoop hung on the back of a door. Forrest, lounging in a chair, snidely remarks on Riley's missed shot, "You don't got game, son." Riley explains that he's thinking about something else and then asks Forrest if he thinks Buffy is cool. Obviously tired of the subject, Forrest exclaims, "Yes, already! She's cool, she's hot, she's tepid. She's all-temperature Buffy." He goes to throw the ball through the hoop and instead hits Graham in the face as he opens the door. Graham tells the guys that there's an "alpha code-blue situation" with a student at Porter Hall party. He explains he's not sure if it was a HST (hostile subterranean), and Riley tells them he's going to check out the situation, adding that Forrest should alert Dr. Walsh that they might have a situation that falls in their domain.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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