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Loud music plays and the party appears to be full swing at Porter Hall. The lights are still out and many of the students are wearing that plastic glow-in-the-dark jewelry I remember as being very popular as Disneyland after dark. The camera pans around, and we see Willow standing shyly and scanning the room for someone she knows. The camera focuses on a bone-headed "handsome" guy and at first I think it's Graham, Riley's other pal, but I'm wrong, because Willow approaches the guy and says, "Percy! Hi!" Percy looks an awful lot like Graham to me; I can see this being a problem in upcoming episodes. (For fans new to Buffy, Percy is a Sunnydale High jock that Willow tutored last season.) Percy greets Willow; the pouty brunette he was chatting with looks sulky. Willow and Percy exchange small talk while Pouty Laurie rolls her eyes and finally whispers something in Percy's ear. What a bitch. Percy makes a hasty and not very polite exit. Willow, who is wearing a paisley coat with a ratty faux-fur collar, is again left looking around the raucous party. Three students holding cups do a conga line out through a set of doors, and after they pass through, we see a demon's hand grab the door. In one of the dorm rooms, a shirtless college dude prepares drinks and shouts to friends that he's ready to do some "naked limbo." He gathers up the drinks and turns to find a huge demon right behind him. The demon claws the guy and slashes open his throat. Naked Limbo Guy drops the drinks on the ground and they get spattered with his blood.

Still at the Porter Hall party, Willow tries to look like she's having fun, but sadly wonders why Buffy hasn't yet arrived. Behind her we actually do see Graham wearing a striped sweater and chatting up a young lady. As Willow wanders through the party, she overhears Percy's pouty pal waxing jealous about his talking to Willow. Percy protests that Willow is okay, but he would never be interested in her since she's "captain of the nerd squad." Willow looks very sad. Pouty accuses Percy of having a "thing for geeks" and he replies, "Uh, no, I like my women hot," totally implying, of course, that Willow is not hot. Percy and Pouty simper at their superiority and share a congratulatory kiss. Oh, how I wish Willow could morph into her vamp doppelganger and kick Percy's ass from here to Thursday. He seems to have forgotten the last time that happened. Poor little Willow wanders off and lets herself into a dark dorm room. Sad music plays as she sighs and lies down on a bed in the room, starting to cry. Suddenly the dorm lights come back on, and we see Willow is lying in bed next to the mutilated corpse of Naked Limbo Guy. She slowly turns towards him and leaps off the bed in horror. The camera pulls in for a close-up of a rune scratched in to Limbo Guy's chest.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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