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Establishing shot of Stevenson Hall. Buffy is preparing to leave the room, decked out in a mustard-yellow coat, bright orange tank, and brick-red pants. That's quite a color sense the little lady has. But to be fair, the orange color is flattering to her complexion. Willow rushes into the room babbling about having been in the library during the quake and begins to straighten up her desk. Her tomato-red skirt clashes with Buffy's pants, I'm afraid -- and the less said about Willow's yellow tank top worn under a pink cardigan, the better. Willow notices that Buffy is silent and asks if she's okay; then she mentions that the party-happy Porter Hall's power is out and the residents are throwing an Aftershock Party. Willow urges Buffy to invite Riley to the party, but Buffy declines. She tells Willow that she's going to see Giles but will see her later at the party. Willow asks Buffy if anything is wrong; Buffy says no and leaves.

Buffy is pacing in Giles's courtyard while he sits at a table examining a pile of papers. Buffy exclaims that something horrible is going to happen but Giles brushes off her concerns. Buffy, looking very pretty even though she's wearing too much blush, insists that she has good reason to be anxious, because the last time there was an earthquake in Sunnydale, she died. Giles somewhat patronizingly tells her that he understands her anxiety, but there are no other signs to indicate that the earthquake is a portent of doom. Giles sounds super-freaky in this scene, and I'm guessing it's because Tony Head had a bad head cold at the time they shot this scene and he had to dub in all his lines later. In order to compensate for his stuffy sinuses, he seems to be over-enunciating and using a more effete Brit accent than he usually does. It's quite disturbing, really. Giles changes the subject to the project he's working on: a map with push-pins detailing sightings of the masked commandos. Buffy again tries to get Giles to take her concerns about imminent doom seriously, but Giles is busy explaining his theory that the commando base is located on or near campus.

Cut to Riley and Forrest, clad in camo, walking through the Initiative's installation. Riley asks Forrest if he knows what a Slayer is. "Slayer? A thrash band. Anvil-heavy guitar rock with delusions of Black Sabbath," explains Forrest. Riley explains he meant the Slayer of the female type and Forrest dismisses the concept as a fairy tale that the sub-terrestrials use to scare their children. He mocks Riley for believing in the Slayer and teases him about the Easter bunny. They continue walking as Forrest further dismisses the Slayer as part of "that medieval folklore garbage" people have dreamed up to explain the phenomena that he and Riley face every day. They pass a tall horned demon being led in chains by two Initiative flunkies, and Riley asks Forrest how he explains the things they deal with every day. Forrest says the demons are just animals "plain and simple." Just then the demon escapes from his restraints and begins pounding on the Initiative flunkies. Riley and Forrest run to fight the demon, and the demon grabs Forrest by the neck; meanwhile, a lab-coat guy fumbles with a syringe to tranquilize the demon. Riley grabs a night stick and knocks the demon out. As Forrest recovers, the guys hear banging and thumping noises and comment that the sub-terrestrials are rattling their cages due to the earthquake.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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