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Cut to Buffy, Xander, and Willow walking down the hall. Willow briefly touches Xander's back, then breaks off from the group and heads to Wood's office. Buffy reaches out and gives Xander's hand a squeeze right when he reaches his destination. Aw, see? That worked for me and made me feel squishy towards Buffy. I'm glad. She needs all the redeeming in my eyes that she can get. Some more simple quiet moments like that would've been a nice replacement for the scene above that clunked so much for me. Buffy and Xander share a look, and Buffy continues on alone. Because -- have you heard? The Slayer is always alone. I know. It came as a big shock to me too! Down in the basement, Buffy passes by Spike, and he follows her into the seal chamber. All the Junior Misses are standing in a circle around the Seal. Buffy takes her place by Faith, who hands her a knife. "You first, B," she says. Buffy cuts along her palm, drawing blood. You'd think, with a big fight coming up, that she might cut somewhere that would be a little less painful when she's going to be wanting to hold a weapon. Plus cutting the palm of your hand always seemed really dangerous to me. Aren't your tendons right there? I guess I shouldn't expect too much from a gal who goes to fight the ultimate evil in what looks like a pair of painfully pointy-toed cowboy boots. We pan out: all the Junior Misses and the Slayers circling the Seal of Danzig, their bleeding palms held over it. The Seal begins to open. And if there's one thing I can honestly say that ME has done masterfully this season, it's that they've fucked with continuity so much that I can't even begin to guess if opening the Seal should be possible despite Andrew dribbling his Saliva of Salvation over it. I expect an übervamp or two to be waiting around underneath the Seal to rush out, kinda like my cat does when I get home, but they all must be sacked out on windowsills or occupied licking their food dishes instead. Buffy and Faith head down the stairs. Stairs! There are stairs. I guess Sep was right last week.

In Principal Wood's office, Willow sits facing Kennedy. Candles and other paraphernalia litter the floor around Willow. She's all, "Ready to kill me?" and Kennedy's all, "Getting there," and I'm all, "I already did. In my recap for 'Touched.' Remember?" Willow places her hands on The Little Red Axe That Could. "C'mon, Red," breathes Kennedy, "make it happen." There's a joke about Kennedy's pillow talk there just waiting for me to…ew. Forget I said anything. The score starts to remind me a little of Raiders of the Lost Ark at this point.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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