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As the short bus races through town, Xander, Giles, and Miss Minnesota treat the wounded. Andrew's unable to remove himself from his miasma of self-involvement to help; instead, he sits like a lump and wonders, "Why didn't I die?" Been asking myself the same thing, Useless. Dawn is still at the back of the bus, frantically searching for her sister. We get a shot that shows Buffy running along the tops of buildings just before they collapse, trying desperately to catch up. She makes a stunning flying leap right near the theatre, sticks a neat landing, and begins to bus-surf. Cut to an bird's-eye view of more and more of Sunnydale collapsing downwards into a huge chasm. Little houses tumble off the edge of the abyss, and a dust cloud rises. And I suddenly have a huge light-bulb moment! So that's why the writers emptied Sunnydale of all its residents over the past few episodes. Now I get the "why," but I still have issues with the "how." Goodbye, Espresso Pump. Goodbye, Bronze. Goodbye, UC Sunnydale. Goodbye, newish Sunnydale High. Goodbye, condemned-and-closed Magic Box. Goodbye, cemeteries and churches and alleys and hospitals. Goodbye, Summers house. Can't say as I'll miss you much, Summers house.

Faith looks around and instructs the driver, "Ease off. We're clear." This gets translated to "please screech to a halt," and Buffy almost gets thrown off the top of the bus. Wood leans back in pain. Wait! WOOD was driving? I don't care if Giles doesn't have a valid license -- he should've been driving, not the guy who took a sword to the gut. I'm pretty sure that's covered as allowable in the California vehicle code somewhere! Buffy hops off the top of the bus. It looks like Sunnydale is situated in the lower Californian desert somewhere. Funny, I'd always pictured it as being in grassier regions surrounding Santa Barbara. Buffy turns to look at the empty road ahead of them as Dawn jumps out of the back of the bus. Dawn and Buffy hug, and -- aw, Dawn looks so happy to see her sister alive. Squinting in the bright sunlight, Giles looks back towards Sunnydale Crater and asks, "What did this?" Buffy answers, "Spike." Yeah, makes sense. Spike sucked the life out of the show; it's only fair he do the same to Sunnydale too. Buffy walks slowly towards the edge of the crater. The "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign, right on the lip, teeters and then falls in. Hee. Next to the bus, Xander stops Andrew and asks if he saw what happened to Anya. Andrew hunches his shoulders and shrugs that he was too scared to see, but when Xander asks again, Andrew gets resolve-face. He turns to face Xander and tells him, "[Anya] was incredible. She died saving my life." Xander smiles a little, but his chin and lip are quivering. Tears in his voice, he gently tells Andrew, "That's my girl. Always doing the stupid thing." Sniff. Xander strides away.

Inside the bus, Faith tells Wood she'll get some help for him. He stops her, and, looking really out-of-it, asks, "Did we make it?" Faith assures him that they did. Wood's eyelids lower and he appears to stop breathing. Faith thinks he's dead and reaches out to close his eyes, but jerks her hand away when he coughs himself awake. He tells her, "Surprise!" Miss Minnesota comes over with a bandage or something. Boy, she's a useful little pup, isn't she? I'm pretty sure Kennedy made it out, but I haven't seen Iyari Limon at all since they left the school. Sad music plays.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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