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Cut back to the übervamps getting ever closer. Miss Minnesota looks calm, confident, and composed. "These guys are dust." Yeah! And I'm thrilled that Buffy has managed reshape her own fate without having to choose between being the Slayer and a normal girl. Now that she's jettisoned her "I will be alone FOREVER!" albatross, I'd love to see whether the Little Miss All About Me side of her personality would be the next to go. The camera pans back from the edge of the cliff. The girls and Spike adopt fighting stances as the übervamps fly up over the edge. They fight. Sie kämpfen. Luchan. Ils combattent. Combattono. Zij vechten. Funny. It's the last time I'll ever type those words. Oh, and if the translation is bad, blame Babelfish. Miss Minnesota takes out two vamps single-handed. All the girls are kicking some serious ass here, even though they're way outnumbered and Buffy had so much trouble killing ONE of these guys that she had to have a whole mini-arc about it earlier this season. Eh. Who really cares at this point? Because we're all too happy to care, right? Right.

Cut to Kennedy looking inordinately pleased. But then her attention is caught by Willow, who has been overdeveloped by the white light. She's smiling. She's also wearing a wig Halle Berry rejected for her Storm character on the set of X2, right before she went out and gave sixteen interviews grousing about her tiny role. After a few moments, the light fades in a rush. Willow hands Kennedy The Little Red Axe That Could with the instruction to "get this to Buffy." Because even though they're all Slayers now, the show is still named after Buffy. Kennedy rushes off, and Willow flops over, exhausted. "That was nifty!" she chirps. Aw, she's just happy that she never has to mack with Kennedy ever again.

Under the Seal! Under the Seal! Oh. Sorry. Right. I promised not to do that again. It's just so darn catchy! Anyway. Still fighting going on here. Kennedy jumps into the fray and tosses The Little Red Axe That Could to Buffy, who immediately puts it to good use. Kennedy is attacked by a number of vamps, but she throws them around like they're dolls. "I could get used to this," she notes. Buffy beheads. A number of übervamps head up the stairs, which makes me wonder why Buffy and crew aren't just guarding the top of the stairs and lopping off vampire heads as they come up. Closing off all exits out of the basement, but then leaving the largest one wide open, seems, well, really dumb. Buffy, Buffy, Buffy…sigh. Why did you never embrace the efficacy of the flamethrower?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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