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Becoming, Part I

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Becoming, Part I

Upbeat music plays as we pan down on a Los Angeles high school. Students swarm down the steps, and a completely rusted Impala with blackened windows pulls up to the curb. Never mind how Angel managed to drive there without being able to see, and let's not mention that the whole setup screams pedophile and that the police would probably be likely to question such a suspicious character hanging around a high school. He rolls down the window, squints at the bright light, and looks over to see Buffy coming down the steps, chattering with three of her friends. Here's proof that I can't blame Buffy's bad fashion sense on the pull of the Hellmouth -- her outfit here is pretty awful. She natters on to her friends about an upcoming dance. One of them asks if she's going with Tyler and Buffy replies, "Where were you when I got over Tyler? He's of the past. Tyler would have to crawl on his hands and knees to get me to go to the dance with him. Which, actually, he's supposed to do after practice so I'm gonna wait." Whoa. This is the Cordelia, I mean Buffy, that Angel first fell in love with? Buffy sits on the steps to wait for Tyler and then removes her jacket to reveal her nubile young arms and perky tank-top. I get it. This is the Buffy Angel first fell in "love" with. An older man in a black suit approaches her and asks if she's Buffy Summers. Buffy briefly worries that he's from Bullocks because she "meant to pay for that lipstick." But the pudgy man is not concerned with any of that because he's here to escort Buffy to her "destiny." Buffy protests that she's "destiny-free," but the man corrects her that "you are the Chosen One. You alone can stop them." "Who?" queries Buffy. Well, the vampires, obviously, but when the somewhat shifty-eyed and creepy stranger tells her that, for some reason she says, "Huh?" and gives him a weird look.

Quick cut to a cemetery, where we get a brief glimpse of a headstone when Buffy in a puffy orange jacket lands flat on her back. Angel is skulking behind the tombstones, still watching. A vampire props himself up above her and growls. Buffy looks around for her stake, terrified, but she can't reach it, so she just pushes the vampire off of her. She crawls on all fours to retrieve her stake, making little "oof" sounds and saying "Oh God!" a lot. I'm saying "Oh God!" too, but it mostly has to do with her bright orange leggings with little flowers. The vampire lunges at Buffy, and she flips him and then glances confusedly at her stake, but then gets with the program and, raising the stake high above her head, plunges it into him. Nothing happens. "Oh! Not the heart." Buffy tries again, and this time he explodes into dust, surprising her so much that she screams and falls backward on her butt. Heh. Up steps her first Watcher, saying, "You see? You see your power?" Yeah, I have a question about that. Wouldn't Buffy have noticed her increased strength or something?

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