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Becoming, Part I

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Becoming, Part I

Present-day Drusilla smirks her way down the stairs into the courtyard of the Mansion. Spike, reading a paper and still in his wheelchair, inquires about Dru's walk, and she says something typically crazy and stupid about the moon whispering to her, "dreadful things." Angelus comes out of the Mansion, bats Spike on the back of the head, and cozies up to Dru, inquiring as to whether she had a vision. Oh please, stop encouraging her crazy act, Angel! Dru tells him there's a tomb at the museum "with a surprise inside," and Angelus is impressed that she can see all that in her head. "No, you ninny. She read it in the morning paper," snaps Spike, and shows him the paper with a headline that reads "Mystery Obelisk Unearthed." Angelus gets an extra evil smirk in place of his usual smirk, and Dru launches into an impromptu open-mouthed Steve Wonder impression, bobbing her head and snapping her mouth near Angelus's ear. Are vampire guys really so hard up that two of them need to fight over a lamer like Drusilla?

Buffy and Willow study in the computer classroom. Buffy is having problems with whatever they're working on and gets quite sulky about being a "moron." Willow dishes out some tough love, telling Buffy to stop wasting her time, and Buffy gives her a congratulatory smile, saying she's a good teacher. As they get back to work on a chemistry problem, Buffy's pencil rolls off the desk and lands beside Jenny Calendar's misplaced disk from "Passion." Buffy pulls the disk out and hands it to Willow, who pops it into her laptop, saying that it must have belonged to Ms. Calendar. They joke a little about feeling morbid for going through Jenny's things, but then their attention is riveted to the screen as the spell for restoration of a soul pops up. The realization of what they've found sinks in.

Nighttime. Someone is frantically running through the woods and panting. A dead young woman in a white dress is laid out, covered in rose petals. The title on the screen reads "Rumanian Woods 1898." Gypsy women spread petals on the body and circle it with incense. Under an awning, another gypsy chants in Latin . The person in the woods is still running frantically. The gypsy continues to chant "Trespur aceastui" as Angelus runs into the camp and falls to the ground, looking disoriented. A crystal orb in front of the gypsy woman suddenly glows, thunder crashes, and Angel's eyes are filled with light. A gypsy man approaches the groveling Angel and Romanians at him, "It hurts, yes? Good. It will hurt more. You don't remember -- everything you've done for a hundred years. In a moment, you will. The face of everyone you killed -- our daughter's face -- they will haunt you, and you will know what true suffering is." Angel stutters that he doesn't understand, and then as the memories of Angelus's kills come back to him he moans, "No! No, no."

In the library, Giles looks astonished as Buffy hands him a print-out and Willow explains, "Looks like Ms. Calendar was trying to replicate the original curse. To restore Angel's soul again." Giles thought the curse couldn't be recreated, but Buffy explains that Jenny tried anyway, and it appears she was successful. Seated at the library table, a stone-faced Xander growls, "So he killed her, before she could tell anyone about it. What a prince, huh?" Even Cordy appears to feel the gravity of the moment and suggests that they curse Angel again. Giles thinks the spell will take more skills with the black arts than he has, but Willow says she's been studying up for "educational fun" and may be able to do it. Looking concerned, Giles suggests that it could be dangerous for Willow, but Willow protests that she's the person to try. Angry Xander calls them all "crazy" and asks, "Who cares?" about restoring Angel's soul. When Buffy replies that she does, Xander gets snide and reminds them that Angel is a killer. As Buffy and Willow protest, Xander insists that Angel "needs to die." Giles says that curing Angel was Jenny's last wish, Xander snaps that Jenny is dead, and a full-on yelling match breaks out between the two of them. Buffy breaks it up, Giles storms away, and Buffy shoots Xander multiple pained "How could you?" looks. Buffy claims that "what happened to Angel wasn't his fault," but Xander isn't convinced and grits out that Buffy wants to "forget all about Ms. Calendar's murder so [she] can get [her] boyfriend back." Ouch. Buffy leaves the library as the rest of the Scooby gang stands silently.

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