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Bronze. Xanya sit at the bar and argue about the seating chart. And I can't believe I'm even saying this, but thank all that is holy that the wedding is next week. Now I won't have sit through any more wedding planning "humor." Anya gets on Xander's case about his snarfing of a nearby bag of chips, saying that he won't be able to fit into his tux if he keeps it up. Jeez. Rude much? Granted, I'm not calling Xander fat, but I will say that if you mathematically calculated The Area of Xander in season six and compared it to The Area of Xander in season three, you'd probably have enough extra Xander to make a mini-Xander. I do wonder if it's Nicholas Brendon's way of making sure that he gets the maximum amount of screen exposure. "If I can't be in most scenes, then by GOD I'll be in as much of the scenes that I am in as possible." Anya snatches the bag away and begins munching herself. Xander blows a bit of a gasket, listing all the things that need to be taken care of as well as other incipient stresses, and finishes with a "and do NOT take my chips!" Xanya glare at each other. Dawn, unaware of the tension, skips up with a cheery greeting, but when they both snap at her, she goes to deliver a drink to Willow instead. Willow is in an extremely chipper mood, due to the fact that if she were to call Tara, Tara would not hang up on her. Uh. Yay?

Summers home. Basement. Kept company only by a portable radio, Buffy dabs furiously at the grass stain on her coat. Abrupt cut to the living room. It's morning, and Buffy is asleep on the couch, her coat draped over her. She's awakened by the sound of the garbage truck and races after it with the trash bags, but it's too late. Buffy walks in through the back door, having picked up yesterday's mail on the way back inside. Dawn's already in the kitchen and oh-so-helpfully reminds Buffy that it's trash day. Someone remind me why Dawn can't take out the trash? God. It's not like we ever see her DO anything other than whine and prance about. I'm sure she spends a lot of time shining her hair or something, but I'm thinking that five minutes spent hauling refuse to the street once a week wouldn't make an appreciable dent in her grooming time. Buffy gives her a look, then opens a letter from UC Sunnydale. It's a rejection notice. But it looks like her application was only rejected because she didn't get it in before the deadline. Which really shouldn't be a surprise, since the semester already started and all. Dawn asks what Buffy is reading, but Buffy doesn't want to tell her and just folds it and hides it away. Dawn kisses Buffy on her way out the door and says, "See you this afternoon…tonight then. Or, you know, tomorrow's cool." Maybe June? Or how's '04 looking for you? Really, anytime this decade is fine by me. Is Dawn on drugs? Last week, I spent most of the episode cringing at her babyish behavior, but this week she's the perfect little sister. What gives?

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