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The Sky Is Falling!

The First tells her that Angel will be dead by sunrise, and that Buffy has no idea who she's dealing with. Buffy, with that specific teenage girl snark: "Let me guess. Is it...evil?" BWA HA HA! The First morphs into some large bug-looking thing, and croaks in a red-rum voice, "Dead by sunrise!" Okay, if they were going for cheesily hilarious, that was great. The bug creature looked about as real as the monster at the end of It. And every time I hear that "Dead by sunrise!" croak, I start giggling uncontrollably. Sadly, I don't think it was actually meant to be funny.

Buffy looks for Angel at the mansion, but he's not there. She finds him on a hilltop, looking over the town. They're both wearing heavy coats. This is ridiculous. He babbles about kids already being awake for Christmas. Buffy begs him to get inside, as it's almost sunrise. Angel says that The First showed him who he truly is. Buffy rightly points out that he shouldn't trust The First's motives. Angel says that The First told him to take Buffy and then kill her, and that part of him wanted to. He says that it's too hard to fight his desire for Buffy. Then, the famous farm-fresh line, "It's not the demon in me that needs killing, Buffy. It's the man." Not. Saying. A. Word. Buffy tells him that he has the power "to do real good, to make amends." Episode title! Drink! Well, if you won't, I will, just to make it through this scene. She then one-ups him on the cheese: "But if you die now, then all that you ever were was a monster." He tells her that she can't understand the things he's done, and to go. She hits him, and he returns the favor, knocking her to the ground. He grabs her, and she whimpers. His voice breaking, he asks her, "Am I a thing worth saving? Am I a righteous man?" I was thinking I should have invested in a Cheese-O-Meter for this episode, but it would have ended up on the scrap heap alongside my Bitch-O-Meter, so it's probably just as well I didn't. Buffy tells him that she loves him, and that she hates that their relationship is so hard. "I know everything that you did, because you did it to me." That does it. I am officially lactose intolerant. Angel begs her to let him "be strong." I agree with her when she counters, "Strong is fighting. It's painful, and it's every day." I can identify with the "painful" part, at least. "It's what we have to do, and we can do it together." She continues that if he's too weak to go on, she won't mourn for him, but stops upon seeing the huge cheese anvils falling out of the sky. Oh, wait -- I think that's supposed to be snow. They look up in wonder. Aack! The dairy! It's like a nightmare episode of Smallville -- huge amounts of cheese and no homoeroticism. Willow and Oz, lying on her bed, get up and go to the window. Joyce and Faith walk out onto the porch and smile. Faith still looks amazing. What is it with this girl? Giles looks out his window. Xander wakes up in his sleeping bag. The only good thing about the snow is that it ended the cheesy dialogue.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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