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The Sky Is Falling!

Library. Xander yawns, and Willow sleeps. Giles gets breakthrough face. Buffy lies in the stacks, asleep. Flash to her dream. She lies in bed. Angel sits on the edge. They embrace, and then kiss. Soon they're naked, and going at it. Buffy writhes in the stacks. Gross. The tattoo's getting a workout. They keep at it until Dream Buffy sees one of the no-eyed guys in her bedroom. Dream Angel vamps out and bites her. They both wake up. Miss Calendar is at Angel's side, gloating. She tells him to "take" Buffy, saying that that's why "[they] brought [him] back. Take her -- and then you'll be ready to kill her." Ruh-roh!

As Buffy comes down the stairs from the stacks, Giles tells her he's found references to an ancient power known as "The First Evil." He describes it as absolute evil, older than man or demon, and says that it would have had the power to bring Angel back from the demon dimension. Buffy looks at one of the drawings Giles has laid out on the table, recognizes the no-eyed guys, and tells Giles that she saw one of them in her dream. Giles eagerly asks what happened in the dream. Buffy stares at him for a moment before responding, "We don't need to get sidetracked." Hee. She asks who the no-eyed guys are, and he says they're called the "Bringers" or "Harbingers." I like "Bringers" better. Remember Not Another Teen Movie? "You better bring it." "Oh, it's already been broughten!" Giles says they're high priests of The First, and they can conjure "spirit manifestations" and set them on people to haunt them. Buffy wants to stop The First, but Giles cautions her that it's not a physical being. She resolves at least to fight the priests, but Xander points out that they don't know where to look for them. Buffy stares at him.

Cut to Willy's bar. Yay! I love Willy. He sees Buffy and Xander enter, and too-loudly announces, "Hey, it's the Slayer! What brings the Slayer down here?" Two vamps slink out. Hee. Buffy and Willy greet each other, and he asks if they'd like a drink. Xander: "Yeah, let me get a double shot of" -- he notices Buffy staring at him -- "of information, pal." Okay, heh. Buffy asks about the Bringers, and Willy says the name doesn't ring a bell. Xander: "How 'bout I ring that bell for you?" Aside to Buffy: "Does the threatening come now?" Buffy: "Maybe you shouldn't help." Again, heh. Buffy presses Willy, and he gives up that a lot of underground-dwelling baddies have skipped town in fear recently, but that's all he knows. Buffy and Xander accept that, and turn to go. Willy calls after Xander: "You did great, by the way. I was very intimidated by you." Xander: "Really?" Willy nods hilariously. Xander: "Thanks!" That exchange was cute, but it just makes me wonder why the writers feel that they have to portray Xander as bumbling in order to make him sympathetic. Willy wishes Buffy a Merry Christmas. Wait, what is he talking about? They leave.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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