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The Sky Is Falling!

Giles is cooking something when there's a knock on his door. He opens it, and looks floored. It's Angel, who says he's sorry to bother Giles. Giles laughs in his face. "Sorry, coming from you that phrase strikes me as rather funny. 'Sorry to bother me.'" Angel says he needs Giles's help. Giles: "And the funny keeps on coming." Sure does. Snarky Giles is comedy gold. Angel says he has no right to ask Giles for help, but he doesn't know where else to turn. Giles agrees, and walks off-screen. Angel says he can't come in unless Giles invites him. Giles, reappearing, says, "I'm aware of that," as he casually points a crossbow at Angel and invites him in. Angel explains that he's been having dreams about his past, like he's reliving it, and says he needs to know why he's back on earth. Maybe because you bored them to death in hell? "I should be in a demon dimension suffering an eternity of torture." You want me to say it, don't you? Okay, then -- say hi to Marti Noxon for me! Giles, like me, can't ignore this beach ball: "I don't feel particularly inclined to argue with that." No wussy Christmas spirit for Ripper! Giles asks if knowing why he's back would give Angel peace of mind. Angel: "It might." Giles: "I don't think that's something you ought to have." He moves to put the crossbow away, and we see Miss Calendar standing behind him. Angel looks scared. Giles goes on, "Because, sir, to be blunt, the last time you became complacent about your existence, it turned out rather badly." Angel continues to stare at Miss Calendar. Giles notices him gawping and looks around, but it's evident that he can't see her. Angel stammers, "Don't you see her?" Giles doesn't know what he's talking about. Angel runs out. Giles looks perplexed.

Shirtless Angel again, tossing and turning. Cut to a posh nineteenth-century party. Under the staircase, Angelus has a female servant cornered. Oh. My. God. His hair looks much worse than in the earlier scene. How can I describe it? I can't, but I can draw a comparison. One Halloween, Sars and I went to a party as Siegfried and Roy. I was the former. I bought a cheap wig called "Southern Belle." It looked sort of like a barrister's wig, but blonde. I combed out the curls, pulling out large amounts of the hair in the process. By the time I was through with it, it looked like something you might have found in Liberace's trash can. However, it still looked much, much better than Angelus's hair. Hee. Sars, is that too embarrassing a story to put in a recap (and remember, I haven't said a word yet about what you were wearing)? ["Embarrassing to whom? If you'll recall, the wig I bought was used to simulate chest hair, so don't worry about it." -- Sars] The girl wants to get back to her job, saying she'll be put out on the street. Angelus actually makes a hilarious fake sympathetic face. The cat plays with the mouse a bit more, then vamps out and feeds. Um, wasn't Angelus, like, scary at one point? After the girl falls to the floor, Angelus looks up, suddenly terrified. He sees Buffy in the middle of the room, staring at him. Angel and Buffy both wake up. Buffy looks wigged.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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