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The Sky Is Falling!

Cut to Willow and Oz in an empty classroom. Oz starts, "Okay, the thing is...seeing you with Xander, it was...well, I never felt that way before, when there wasn't a full moon. But I know you guys have a history." Willow tells him that it's over with Xander. Oz says he's not sure it ever will be, but continues, "This is what I do know. I miss you. Like, every second. I mean, it's like I lost an arm, or worse, a torso." Aw. Only Oz could pull off that line. He goes on, "So I think I'd be willing to give it a shot." Willow gets out, "Really?" Oz: "Yeah." Willow: "Do you want us to -- to hug now?" Oz: "Yeah, I'd be up for that." They embrace tenderly. It's lovely. These two were great together. Then again, I'd probably say that about Oz and a large cactus.

Joyce and Buffy are tree shopping. Joyce suggests that they invite Faith over for Christmas Eve dinner. Buffy says that she and Faith are on the outs, but Joyce guilts her into saying that she'll ask her. Buffy wonders if they should invite Giles, but Joyce too-quickly nixes that idea. She then suggests that they split up, and runs off. Hee. Buffy resumes her search for the perfect tree, but dissonant music clues us in that she might find something else. She comes up on a group of very brown, dead trees. A middle-aged man pops up out of nowhere, and explains that "a bunch of them up and died on us. Don't know why." Thanks. The Exposition Fairy's gonna be pissed about that half-assed job when she gets back from her Christmas vacation. Joyce, off-screen, calls to Buffy that she's found the perfect tree. Buffy goes to see it.

Cut to a bunch of men in cleric's robes, performing a ritual complete with bones, candles, and chanting. We get a good look at one of them, and he's got big Xs where his eyes should be. Maybe he saw the shooting script as well. Or maybe it's in preparation for the next shot, where a panting, shirtless Angel wakes up again.

Motel. Faith is banging on her TV, trying to get it to work. I'll be doing that at the end of this episode, except that my TV's working fine. She calls, "Yeah?" and Buffy enters. They greet each other rather nicely. Faith wonders if Buffy's there on slaying business, but Buffy invites her to dinner. Faith: "Your mom sent you down, huh?" God, I love her. Buffy lies that it was her idea. Faith sincerely thanks her, but says she's already supposed to go to a party. Buffy says that if Faith changes her mind, the invitation will be good. Faith mentions the party again, but much less convincingly. Buffy notices Faith's Christmas lights, and says she likes them. Faith, with a touch of bitterness: "Yeah, well, 'tis the season. Whatever that means."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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